MG2.0 - M&G 2.0 Braking System

MG2.0 - M&G 2.0 Braking System

Part# MG2.0

The M&G 2.0 is a brand new offering from one of the pioneers in tow braking systems. The M&G 2.0 will fit any vehicle that has a vacuum booster, which is 99% of vehicles on the road. This allows the brake to be easily transferred to the next vehicle that you decide to tow.

The 2.0 system is a powerful supplemental brake system that promotes safety and brings peace of mind to today's recreational vehicle drivers who tow a vehicle behind their RV. When the brakes on the coach are applied, the brake system causes the brakes on your towed vehicle to be applied simultaneously. The coach and towed vehicle brake systems work together on a synchronized basis for a safer, smoother stop. This results in reduced stopping distance of over 1/3 on test vehicles plus a far more controlled stop. This is also called a progressive or proportional car braking system.

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