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2012 W62 Step Van

2012 W62 Step Van

Shop for Original Workhorse Custom Chassis Replacement Parts from an Authorized Workhorse Parts Dealer here. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please use the Contact Form and we would be happy to assist you to get the part(s) you need. (Please provide your VIN# and a detailed description of what you are looking for.)

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This year applies if the 10th digit of the VIN is "C"

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00457439  -  Bearing Asm - Rear Wheel On SALE! Out of Stock
10114177  -  Chain Asm - Timing (7.4L & 8.1L) On SALE! Out of Stock
10214664  -  Arm Asm - Valve Rocker  On SALE! Special Order - Call
10238852  -  Rod Asm - Valve Push On SALE! Out of Stock
12556582  -  Sprocket - Crankshaft On SALE! Special Order - Call