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Glossary of Terms

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Steering Play – Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Safe-T-Plus , UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar orSuperSteer Rear Trac Bar Possible causes for this issue: Loose Steering Components , or Worn Steering Gear

This indicates the amount of free movement in the steering wheel. When a driver moves the steering wheel to the left or right, there is little immediate response. Turn the steering wheel back and forth to determine if little reaction or turning is taking place.

Returnability - Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Safe-T-Plus , SuperSteer Bellcranks (Freightliner XC and P32 Only)

As a turn is made, does the vehicle naturally come back to center? As you make a gradual left or right turn, when slightly loosening your grip on the steering wheel does the coach steering wheel come back to center?

Pull - Suggested Possible Causes for this issue: Alignment , Tire Issue , Brake Caliper Hanging Up , or Wheel Bearing Issue

The coach drifts to the right or left when driving. The driver feels the steering wheel pulling to one side or the other.

Road Wander - Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Safe-T-Plus , UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar orSuperSteer Rear Trac Bar

With this condition, the coach “has a mind of its own”. It wants to move left or right even if the driver is driving straight.

Sway - Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bars , Koni Shocks , Sumo Springs

The top of the coach leans, sways or rocks in a side-to-side motion. This may be present when doing quick lane changes, cornering, or driving through driveways.

Porpoising - Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Koni Shocks , Comfort Control Valves (For air suspension only)

The coach will teeter-totter in a front-to-back movement. To test this, drive the coach over a freeway overpass where the pavement rises suddenly, or over a gradual dip.

Tail-Wagging Suggested Upgrades for this issue: UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar orSuperSteer Rear Trac Bar

This is where the rear end of the coach tends to sway or slip side to side. Making sudden lane changes or windy conditions often produces this problem. Small steering corrections may also produce “tail-wagging”.

Rut Tracking – Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Safe-T-Plus , UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar orSuperSteer Rear Trac Bar

The coach follows the grooves worn in the road or where ridges are created when an asphalt surface meets a concrete road surface. The coach wants to continue in the direction of the ridge or groove and it is difficult to correct or change the path of the coach.

Delayed Steering Response – Suggested Upgrades for this issue: UltraTrac Rear Trac Bar orSuperSteer Rear Trac Bar

A slow gear ratio will produce a slow steering response. This problem may also be caused by rear axle side-shift. Evidence of delayed steering response may be produced by small steering wheel adjustments at highway speeds.

Dog Tracking – Suggested cure for this issue: Alignment With Thrust Angle Adjustment

This is where the rear wheels of the vehicle do not follow or line up with the front wheels. The coach appears to be moving forward in a crooked fashion. Have someone drive behind you and see if they can see more of one side of the coach then the other when behind the coach.

Harsh Ride – Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Koni Shocks - Suggested Item To Check: Set Tire Pressures Per The Tire Manufacturers Recommended Pressures Based On The Weight Of The Coach On That Tire.

The vehicle rides stiff. You can feel every crack in the road, rut or bump. This condition should be obvious to all passengers in the coach. This could be caused by incorrect tire pressure, or worn out shocks.

Bounce – Suggested Upgrades for this issue: Koni Shocks

Similar to Porpoising, Bouncing may occur in the front of the coach, the rear, or both. Drive the coach on a rough road or an uneven road surface to determine if this condition exists.

Vibration – Suggested Item To Check: Tire and Wheel Balance , Drive Line U-Joints , Rear Differential Input Bearing Play

There are two kinds of vibrations: steady or pulsating. The key is determining the source of the vibration. Is the vibration or pulsating coming from the steering wheel, through the floor, or is it specific to certain speeds?