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About Us

Chapter 1

In 1982 Rodney Brazel and son Steve partnered to open a Chevron service station in Olympia, Washington.  In 1991 Rodney decided to retire and leave the thriving business to his son.  Steve soon realized that automotive and RV repair was the direction he wanted to take the business.  With this new direction in mind, he found the original facility was in need of expansion.  In 1997, he decided to relocate to the Olympia Auto Mall.  That facility was built to accommodate the RV customers as well as automotive.  A heavy duty rack was installed that had the capability of lifting a 40’ motor home in the air to be serviced.  At that time, this made Brazel’s unique, as it was the only facility in the Puget Sound that had that capability. Steve noticed the RV repair was proving to be in far more demand than anticipated, so he decided to relocate, and purchased a piece of property in Centralia, Washington. It was located just off of the I-5 corridor and was plenty big enough to accommodate the influx of RV’ers.  Thus was born Brazel’s RV Performance.

Chapter 2

Steve spared no detail on the Centralia facility.  Two full length pit bays, a four wheel alignment rack and a chassis dynamometer designed for RV's and large trucks were implemented in the design.  Shortly after opening the Centralia location, it was decided to construct an RV park adjacent to the shop. This would provide the opportunity for customers to come the night before their appointment, or stay longer if needed to complete their repairs.  Being a destination upgrade and repair center made this a great benefit for customers who were coming from afar.  

With the modern tools and equipment such as the chassis dyno, combined with the collective knowledge from the team, Brazel’s has had the opportunity to develop several products to enhance performance and comfort and ensure safety on the road.  The team at Brazel’s developed the following product lines: UltraPower; designed provide performance enhancements as well as fuel economy gains. UltraTrac; Designed to provide products that help keep your coach between the lines, and reduce "white knuckle" driving. UltraStop; this line is developed to correct issues and enhance performance of brake systems installed on RV's, such as Automatic Applying Parking Brakes, and Transmission Braking. Our products are developed either entirely in-house or in partnership with other industry leaders.

Chapter 3

Starting around 2011 we found that we had a notable increase in people contacting us with questions about things like steering and handling issues, performance improvements, and diagnostics & repair of Workhorse Chassis. Most of the time, they would find our number through online forums, such as IRV2.com, and searching the internet regarding the issues or needs they had.  In 2013, we launched our main parts distribution website, Ultra RV Products (www.urvp.com), which combined chassis upgrades for most all makes and models of RV chassis, as well as factory replacement Workhorse parts, all in one easy to use website.  After helping solve a plethora of customer’s chassis issues, we started to see a trend of common issues standing out. With that in mind, we decided to solve these common issues with improved parts where the part was the cause of the issue.  People loved that approach; diagnostic assistance, part supply, and upgrades, all in one call or email.  Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds.  Our success is largely due to our ability to provide great customer service, through a team of highly dedicated staff that is loaded with perseverance, and a desire to help. As time passed, we launched www.workhorseparts.com, dedicated to the parts and diagnostic assistance for Workhorse Custom Chassis. In 2018, we purchased RVA Company from the original owner and designer of the RVA leveling systems, Mr. Dennis Kay. The RVA leveling systems were installed on most Safari, Monaco, Holiday Rambler, and Beaver coaches from 1993 through 2005. In 2017, Mr. Kay and his family had made the hard decision to close its operation. This left RV owners of these brands without a resource for replacement parts or technical assistance. When we learned of RVA’s closing, we went to work on reviving the brand and filling that need. Not only do we provide replacement parts for the RVA systems, but we also provide technical support to aid in diagnostics.

Our Current Chapter...

In the wake of unrest in 2020, the demand for chassis parts skyrocketed due to the increase in demand on delivery vehicles and the increase of the number of new RV'ers. In light of that, As of May of 2021 we made the tough decision to direct all of our efforts toward supplying parts, and technical assistance to the rest of the RV/Delivery vehicle industry. That decision lead to our service department ceasing it's normal operations of installation and repair services. Our facility has now become an extension of our research and development department, so we can further find solutions for things such as, design improvements for inadequate chassis components, replacement options for critical, yet no longer available chassis components, and new exciting products to further advance the RV industry. Our strength lies in helping others, and we believe this was the best way to help the most people with our small staff of dedicated professionals.

Our Goal

We believe in producing and distributing quality parts, treating everyone with courtesy and respect, and making our customers feel like part of our family. Our goal is to provide safety, and comfort, through providing the parts and technical support needed to keep RV and Commercial Chassis on the road today.  The staff at Brazel’s is knowledgeable, and dedicated to making our customers' experience the best by far.  We hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard and feel that word of mouth from our satisfied customers is the best advertisement. We strive to ensure the highest quality of customer care anywhere.

Our Family

The family of Rodney W. Brazel Inc. is comprised of two departments;  Parts Department/Web Sales, (ultrarvproducts.com, workhorseparts.com, rvajack.com) and Manufacturing & Development (brazelsrv.com). These departments are operated by a crew of very talented, courteous, and educated people. This includes: Steve Brazel (Owner/President), Alan Sanders (Vice President/General Manager), Jon Brazel (Parts Manager), Barbara Draper (Customer Service Lead & Parts Associate), Jay Latham (Lead Parts Associate), Ken Perry (Technical Assistance & Parts Associate), Rosa Brown (Administrative Assistant, Parts Associate), Brady Loney (Warehouse Manager), Chris Wilcox (Shipping/Receiving Assistant & Warehouse Tech).  Our staff have completed training from facilities such as SuperSteer, Workhorse, Spartan, Roadmaster, Banks Power, and more.