W0007967 - Workhorse W-series Wiper Control Module

W0007967 - Workhorse W-series Wiper Control Module


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Part# W0007967 - Workhorse W-series Wiper Control Module

We recommend adding the 15 amp Mini Auto Reset Circuit Breaker to go in place of the 25 amp fuse in position # 22 on your interior fuse panel. This way a voltage spike will trip the breaker instead of ruining the module.


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I changed my wiper motor after it broke down on the road at a RV repair shop. Worked fine for 3 weeks , Now as I turn on the engine the wipers go on without stopping even when the control switch at off. Returned to RV store got it replaced, worked fine for about 3 months , now doing the same thing, doesn`t stop, no intermitted only runs on low or high.. Could this be a module problem? ( Pierre D'Avignon, 07/08/2020 )
Not answered yet.
have a 2005 Simba Safari motorhome on a workhorse chassis. the wipers only work on the high setting, no other function works. would this most likely be the control module or the selector on the steering post ? it only has 7000 miles on it. ( Bill Ferguson, 07/07/2020 )
Your issue sounds more likely to be the wiper control module. ( Support )
My 2007 trek wipers run with just the ignition on. Can change the speed but cannot turn of with wiper switch. ( Bill, 05/21/2020 )
With what you are describing, I would agree that the wiper control module is the issue. However I would encourage you to look through the diagnostics that are available on the product page at the bottom of the description area. ( Support )
I'm looking for a windshield wiper control assembly for my Workhorse, 2002 P35 Chasis. (Itasca RV) ( murray mcleod, 06/09/2018 )
The wiper control pulse module for the P32 is part # 15598496. ( Support )
I have a 2007 workhorse Motorhome w24 . The wipers turn on fine . I have all speeds but sometimes they won't shut off at the wiper switch . Or driving down the road the wipers will come on by there self in the off position . Help ??? ( Delbert Todd , 04/06/2018 )
Not answered yet.
1. I have W007967 model 1312 but has a DC 0 085 on it same part #
2.if this a wiper module why does it have brake shift to park on it?
After these are answered I will order one
( Robert Almgreen, 08/22/2017 )
Yes this is the same part. The reason it has the transmission indicator on it is for when the chassis was moved around the lot before the body was put on it. It has no effect on transmission operation. ( Support )
2002 Fleetwood Storm 30H - Chevy Workhorse 8.1 V8 MFI P32 I am experiencing an issue with my wipers going on without being activated. When they do this they go on for one complete cycle. It does this when I turn the key to the "on" position and when I use either turn indicator. Once in a while they will go on with no discernible prompt whatsoever (perhaps due to accelerating or gears shifting?). I have checked both plugs for corrosion. I pulled the motor and cleaned the contacts on the housing. I have visually inspected as many ground points as I could find. This is a well-maintained vehicle (not rusted or corroded). There are no other apparent electrical issues. Any ideas? ( Chris, 06/20/2017 )
Not answered yet.

My wipers only work on high speed. Turn signal, cruise control works. When i disconnect the module the turn signal works and the wipers work on high speed. Is this the module to replace or is it somethingelse?

( D, 06/07/2017 )


The Symptoms you describe definitely sound like a failed wiper module.

( Support )
This is a P12 chassis with a logic module (sure power industries inc) P/N 15740681 Model: 1306GM.
I'm having trouble finding this particular part, the workhorse came in production a year or two later, I see you have for them a close logic module P/N W0007967, this is the closet I've come to finding one (not to many Sure Power out there)
Is there any suggestions you might be able to help me with this problem I'm having ?
is there anyway I can cross one with another ?
A 1998 Winnebago Vector 37B
Thanks for your time.
( Jeff Lutz , 08/29/2016 )

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately this part has been discontinued and I do not have a cross into a Workhorse part #. I did do some searching online and found a few places that still have that part in stock. Here is a link to one of those places: http://bullseyeindustrialsales.com/sure-power-1306gm-15740681-electric-module-77951

( Support )
I ordered the W0007967 from you and it is on its way to me. I understand that the module it on top of the steering column support. Can you offer any suggestions as to the easiest way to replace the module. I was thinking that I could remove the plastic cover on the steering assembly and possibility reach it through the opening. I am a little less flexible than I was in the past.

( Dennis Walczak, 07/14/2016 )


Unfortunately there usually is no "easy" way to replace this module. The only exception are the Winnebago and Itasca's with the flip up dash. If you can remove your instrument panel that may give you enough room to reach in and get it.

( Support )
Windshield wipers consistently turn on with the ignition ONLY following a rain storm until the weather dries out, even when the vehicle is parked. Can only stop by removing the fuse. On a 2009 Winnebago Adventurer 32H and is reported online as a common issue with Workhorse chassis.

I have waterproofed the connector to the motor with dielectric grease and a electrical tape with no luck. I find that the "park" wire going to the motor is ultra sensitive to any leakage path to ground (such as a 12V test light) which reproduces this problem. Winnebago tech support suggested contacting Workhorse for help. I don't want to buy a new motor or control module if the problem is elsewhere. It must be on the outside of the coach because there is no exposure to moisture from rain inside. Please describe location of wiper control module in my RV. Thanks for your help. This is a very frustrating problem.
( Leo Lewis, 05/20/2016 )


The wiper control module is located on top of the steering column support behind the dash. If you were to get on your back and look up under the dash it's going to be bolted to the flat top piece of that support. If you need further diagnostic help with this issue we can send some diagnostic aids.

( Support )
The wipers on my motorhome work on high only no low speed or intermittent and no park. I have replaced the control switch and the wiper motor with nno luck now think it may be the moduel w0007967 is there any way to check any help greatly appreciated.need to fix asap leaving on 5/13 for beach ( monroe hall, 05/06/2016 )


      Do you have the last 8 digits of your VIN so that I can try to help out with the issue?

( Support )

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