USGB - UltraStop Grade Brake For 01-04 W-Series

USGB - UltraStop Grade Brake For 01-04 W-Series


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Part # USGB UltraStop Grade Brake for Allison 1000 used in Workhorse W20-W22 2001-2004

For your convenience, we include a prepaid return label to send your core back. (Not on International Orders)


Model Year 2001-2004 Workhorse W20 & W22 chassis were not equipped from the factory with the Allison Grade Brake feature. It was introduced in model year 2005, even though the transmission did not change internally. Brazel's RV Performance was able to reverse-engineer the programming and wiring necessary to enable this feature on the previous model years that did not come equipped with the Grade Brake. 

This selectable feature uses the engine and transmission to help control vehicle speed during certain downhill grades. This feature is enabled by switching the Grade Brake switch to the "ON" position. The switch can be mounted anywhere on the dash that is convenient for the driver to reach.

By monitoring the vehicle speed, deceleration, engine torque and brake pedal usage, the Transmission Control Module (TCM) will control shifting to more effectively use the engine and transmission to slow the vehicle and minimize wear of the service braking system. This is different from simply pulling down the shift lever to achieve a lower gear, because when the Grade Brake feature is activated it controls the Torque Converter and demands 100% lockup, which does not occur in a manual downshift.

The Grade Brake becomes more active & aggressive as inclines, speed, weight and service brake action increase. With the Grade Brake activated, any foot pressure on the brake pedal will cause a downshift from overdrive to 4th gear. If more slowing is desired, the Grade Brake will downshift to the next lower gear as you apply the service brakes. An upshift will occur as soon as throttle is applied and the proper upshift speed is achieved.

The Grade Brake is not intended to replace normal safety measures such as proper loading, tow-brakes installed on vehicles in tow, and a properly maintained braking system. It is intended to increase driver comfort in hilly terrain and prevent excessive wear on the vehicles service brakes.

GradeBrake Brochure


Can you tell me if my check has the grade brake by checking the vin? ( Debra Dutra, 09/07/2021 )
Hello Debra ,  I checked your VIN , Your coach did not come with the Grade Brake . (Model Year 2001-2004 Workhorse W20 & W22 chassis were not equipped from the factory with the Allison Grade Brake feature.) ( Support )
Does this work with the Silverado/Sierra Model Allison as well? I specifically have the 8.1L with the Allison. ( Joe, 03/28/2019 )
No this is designed only for the Workhorse chassis. I do believe your truck should function very similarly with it in tow/haul mode. ( Support )
Is it possible to view the installation instructions prior to purchase? Does the product require more ability than the average DIY install? ( Tod Conrad, 06/20/2016 )
Not answered yet.
Can the installation instructions be viewed before the purchase? Is this a complex procedure to install? ( Tod Conrad, 06/20/2016 )
Not answered yet.
Can you get this upgrade plus the TCM upgrade which lowers the shift down to 48 mph, if so, what would be the total cost of both upgrades? ( Robert , 05/23/2016 )


When you purchase the USGB GradeBrake we automatically program it with those settings :)

( Support )

Will this kit work with the Allison 2100 transmission?

( Cody Pollington, 02/12/2016 )


Yes the GradeBrake is compatible with the 2000 series Allison found in the W24 chassis. 

( Support )

Do i ned the tcm core option and this option use for

( Robert , 12/28/2015 )


The core charge is for the Allison Transmission computer. We refund this charge back to you once you send your original Allison Transmission computer.  

( Support )

is there an ultra grade brake system available for the p30-p32 series Gas units?

( Randall, 04/27/2015 )


Unfortunately no, there is not. We did a lot of testing to try and make a system for that application but it just is not possible with that transmission.

( Support )

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