US2078 - UltraStop Park Brake Module Replacement With UltraSave Kit

On SALE! US2078 - UltraStop Park Brake Module Replacement With UltraSave Kit


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Part# US2078


  • Workhorse Custom Chassis 2005 with J72 Parking Brake
  • Workhorse Custom Chassis W24 with J72 Parking Brake
  • Workhorse Custom Chassis W18 with J72 Parking Brake
  • Freightliner "FRED" Front Engine Diesel RV Chassis with Auto Apply Park Brake


  • J72 Park Brake Module Replacement Kit that replaces the factory park brake controller.
  • J72 Park Brake UltraSave Valve Prevents the park brake from applying while the coach is in motion.
  • This kit is "Plug and Play" and installs in about 1.5 hours.


US2078 - UltraStop Park Brake Module Replacement With UltraSave Kit - does this lot come with all the items listed in the instructions ie:
Line lock
Hydraulic hose
Zip ties etc
( Gerald Burns, 01/02/2024 )
Yes, those items are included .  ( Support )
Do I NEED THE W8001667 BRAKE LIT? WE HAVE THE Allison 5 speed transmission but brake works very well as mh is not able to move at all when parking brake engages.. ( Philip Gilmore, 07/13/2022 )


    In your other comment, you said "Brake has locked three times in the last two years" did it apply while the coach was moving? Or, it would not release when you took it out of park? If it applied while driving I would encourage replacement. Otherwise if it has not applied while driving, and holds when you give it throttle with the engine running, coach in drive, and the yellow push/pull button out, then there is no need to replace it.

( Support )
Ordering whole kit
Brake has locked three times in last two years. Tow is expensive but most mechanics do not understand it. So needless work is done. We are on the road so will have it shipped to mom in laws home (26 N MAIN ST, ALBION, PA 16401, WE STILL HAVE 300 MILES TO GO TO GET THAT FAR. IF LOSS OF 12 VOLTS IS THE CAUSE (MAYBE ON GROUND SIDe), WHICH WIRES SHOULD I APPLY 12 VOLTS (+ AND 12 VOLTS --) TO IN AN EMERGENCY.?
( Philip Gilmore, 07/13/2022 )


    On the 14 pin connector at the controller, with key on, power should be found on pins 1 and 10, and ground on pin 14 for the 12vdc supply.

( Support )
hello and good finishing installing the us 2078 ultra stop and control module kit i purchased from u a week ago..i would like to know if this system is self bleeding or it has to be bled and how to bleed it.your staff has been very helpfull..thanx in advance and have a great day... ( Amy Dewhirst, 09/01/2020 )
This is a self-bleeding system. You will just need to cycle the brake a few times. ( Support )
just recieved my us2078 ultra stop and control module replacement kit.your sales staff extremly question i forgot to ask is should i put teflon tape on all fittings or put them on as is thanks in advance and have a great day ( Amy Dewhirst, 08/19/2020 )
No, just install as it came. ( Support )
can i buy the just the electric pump motor for the original j27 brake assembly part no W8005667. thank you in advance.. ( Amy Dewhirst, 08/11/2020 )
Not through Workhorse. I'm not sure if you will be able to find one aftermarket or not.
hello and good day from nova scotia canada.i have a 2005 w24 chassis with the j72 auto brake..i have a slight static leak where the pump motor attaches to the alluminum port there a gasket or o ring between the motor and alluminum port block.this the original j72 pump part noW8005667.thank you for your time and look forward to your reply. ( Amy Dewhirst, 08/11/2020 )
Sorry, no, this pump assembly and motor is non-serviceable through Workhorse. ( Support )
Does this prevent the parking brake from engaging while underway even in the event of either a voltage or hydraulic loss? If this occurs can the vehicle still be driven. ( Rick Crosby, 05/18/2016 )

Hi Rick,

In the event of an electrical issue or voltage loss the valve will not allow the brake to engage and will allow you to continue driving.

In the event of a hydraulic loss, as long as the leak is not at the brake itself or in the metal line between the valve and the brake it would prevent a lock up. If the leak is at the brake itself, the brake needs to be replaced anyways and the likelihood of a leak at that metal line is very low.

( Support )

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