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734001  -  PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner for Cummins, CAT & Detroit

An industry leader in Big Rig Performance, Performance Diesel Inc. (PDI) has taken their industry-leading tuning that has delivered unbeatable results for efficiency and power and has teamed with Brazel’s RV Performance to bring these benefits to the RV market. PDI’s Big Boss Performance Tuner RV Series brings all the benefits of tuning without all the hassle. Simply plug it into your diagnostics port and follow the easy instructions. Now big rig tuning can be used on RV’s with just the press of a few buttons. Not only is the tuning easy to install but the simple design lets you customize gauges, change vehicle settings and read or clear codes.

Special Note: We have found on some RV's, particularly Tiffin, the ABS fuse & Transmission MUST be removed in order for the device to properly communicate with the ECM. The fuse location is typically in the right hand rear compartment next to the engine. We have also found that vehicles equipped with an Anti-Collision System, such as Mobile Eye, has to have its fuses removed as well.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Simple, Easy Install
  • Does Not Leave A Footprint
  • Can be Quickly Returned to Stock at Anytime
  • Tune is Recoverable even if Cummins Flashes Over It
  • Gauge Choices Can be Customized
  • 2 Added Power Levels, +10% Economy Tune & +15% Power Tune
  • Gain Fuel Mileage, On Average +½ MPG
  • DPF Manual Regeneration Test
  • DPF Restriction Test
  • Speed Limiter, Tire Size & Gear Ratio Adjustment
  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Manufacturer Warranty
  • Monitor EGT’s on Newer RV's with Factory Pyrometer
  • 50 State Legal – CARB EO # D-773-5





2010+ ISB 6.7L

2006-2019 C-7

2010+ DD-13

2010+ ISC 8.3L

2006-2019 C-9

2010+ DD-15

2010+ ISL 8.9L

2006-2019 C-13

2010+ DD-16

2017+ L9

2006-2019 C-15 Acert

2010+ ISX 11.9L

2010+ ISX 12L

2010+ ISX 15L

2017+ X12

2017+ X15

Optional Heavy Duty Magnet Mount Available

Big Boss is WiFi updatable and features customizable vehicle settings along with a customizable gauge display that can reveal up to six parameters at once including turbo boost, exhaust gas temperatures, coolant temperature, rail pressure, oil pressure, intake manifold temperature, engine RPM, vehicle speed and more.

A common misconception is that ECM tuning takes longevity out of the engine. With PDI, that’s wrong. PDI has extensively tested to stay within safe levels to ensure no loss of reliability. PDI makes sure all of the components are running within OEM specifications. Big Boss Tuner has been approved by for use in California by the state’s Air Resources Board, no easy feat!

Dyno Run on 2007 Beaver Contessa w/ Cat C9:

You would only have to pull the fuses during the programming of the vehicle. Once it is done loading, you would just put the fuses back in. ( Support )
Does this programmer change any shifting features on the transmission just seems like shifting points are not correct when towing a 8000 pound trailer what will the horsepower gains and torque gain be on this unit and will the 2500 mh transmission still be ok when pulling the trailer ( Jason , 04/26/2021 )
Hi Jason, This will indirectly change shift points; by adding power. One thing you will notice is it will not have to hold the gears as long. So this module adds about 10-15% from what you are currently at, and is CARB approved so you can use this module in all 50 states legally. Easy to use, and great tech support if you have questions. ( Support )
I have a 2017 Newmar motorhome with the cummins B6.7 engine rated at 340HP with the Allison 2500 transmission. Will your system safely work on my MH and what performance improvements may I expect?
Also what would be the cost to me and will I be able to do the install myself? Don't know the engine #.
Thank you
( Howard Kelly, 08/11/2020 )
Your engine serial # is 74079343, for future reference. This tuner would work very well with your application. The major limiting factor for power gains is the 2500MH transmission. The tuner is the only power-adder on the market that will create a safe tune to use with that transmission but still net noticeable gains. The installation is very simple and would not require taking to a shop. ( Support )
Just wanted to make sure this would work for my Cummins ISX12 500RV - I have a 2015 American Coach Tradition on a Freightliner IFS chassis. And if so, what should I expect. Thank you. ( DAVID DOBBERSTEIN, 07/16/2020 )
Yes, the tuner would work for your application. Gains on that engine would be approximately 75 horsepower and 250 lb.-ft. torque. ( Support )
Good Day - I have a 2015 Tiffin Allegro Bus 37AP with the Cummins ISL9 450 engine. My records show a ESN # 73755249 (built 16 October 2014) but I cant locate the actual stamping on the engine. Can You verify the PDI unit will work for this engine and what kind of improvements I may see.

Thanks - Mark T.
( Mark Tallent, 04/20/2020 )

Yes the PDI Performance Tuner will work on your model. Gains would be approximately 70 horsepower and 150 lb-ft torque to the rear wheels.

( Support )
Just bought a 2019 Renegade Verona LE with a Cummins L9 diesel. The manufacturer has rated the motor at 350 hp & 1000 fp torque. Another manufacturer (Dynamax) has the same motor and yet their ratings are 400 hp and 1150 fp torque. Renegade says that they have the Cummins de-tuned to extend the life of the motor. The Cummins brochure has ratings all the way to 450 hp & 1250 fp torque for the L9 motor. Does this make sense to you? Will upping the hp & torque really hurt the motor long term? I just don't want to go up steep hills like a turtle. Help.
The Cummins Engine No. is 74336637,
( Kim Wardle, 03/17/2020 )
It really just comes down to how the OEM specs the chassis. The only Dynamax model I see that features the 450/1250 rating is the DynaQuest XL on the Freightliner M2 112 chassis platform. The other two models, the DX3 and Force HD feature the 350/1000 rating on the Freightliner M2 106 chassis platform. I show that your VIN is the M2 106 chassis platform which may be the reason for the lower power rating. I do not know for sure, but I think the 450/1250 does have a different turbocharger, fuel injectors, tuning and possibly some other hard parts. We can still bump your 350/1000 up to 400/1150 with this tuner and I wouldn't be at all concerned with the added power being a reliability issue. ( Support )

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