105297R - Workhorse Actia Instrument Full Cluster Repair Service (Upgraded LCD And Gauges)

105297R - Workhorse Actia Instrument Full Cluster Repair Service (Upgraded LCD And Gauges)

Part# 105297R  -    You must ship us your cluster for repair.  Please ensure your cluster is clean before sending it to us. If you wish to purchase a rebuilt cluster please see Part# 105297U

Please note that we have a 1-2 business day turnaround time from the time we RECEIVE your cluster.

Always send the instrument cluster as a complete unit. Do not take it apart or just send the internal parts, we will not return it until we have the casing due to the high risk of damage in shipping.

Your account will be updated with the return tracking number when your cluster repair has been completed.  The tracking number will be emailed to you.

This repair is only for the LCD screens that become hard to read or completely unreadable or for inoperative gauges. 

Ship To:

Ultra RV Products

3912 Harrison Ave.

Centralia, WA 98531



The Industrial Grade LCD Screen has a dark blue backlight with a white readout.  This is for the LCD color only.  We do not change the illumination color of the actual cluster itself.  It will remain OEM.

Not just a repair, but a permanent solution.

Other rebuilds use the OEM replacement display which will fail again in 4-5 years, or sooner.  This is because the OEM display uses a flimsy bonded plastic ribbon. Our panels use proprietary conductive high temperature silicone matrix bonded to glass in a steel frame with an estimated lifespan of 50 years or more.

This rebuild is guaranteed to restore your faded or difficult to read odometer with a brand new LCD panel vastly superior to the original. Your Workhorse cluster will retain the mileage, as it is stored within the cluster itself.

This quality repair service includes the following work performed to your Workhorse instrument cluster:

  • Full power up and test of the instrument cluster before & after repairs
  • Replacement of faulty OEM LCD with industrial rated panel
  • Dark Blue back light color for highest contrast and easy daytime/evening reading (odometer display only)
  • Replacement of all gauge stepper motors with new higher quality motors
  • EEPROM data (mileage) preserved so display automatically reads correct mileage
  • Lifetime warranty on LCD screen and gauge motors
  • Any open recall campaigns on your cluster are performed at no additional cost to you.

  • *NEW* We Update your cluster to the latest firmware and software version based on your VIN. This cures the cluster randomly reseting during operation.

  • Please anticipate a 1-2 business day turnaround time from the time we RECEIVE your cluster.
  • Your account will be updated with the return tracking number upon our receipt of your cluster.  The tracking number will be emailed to you. The tracking number will not become active on UPS until the cluster repair is finished, which is generally 3-5 business days.  To check the status of your repair, please check the tracking number for movement on the UPS website.  If there is no movement, then your cluster repair is still in process.


  • All Workhorse Chassis Motorhome and Commercial Vehicles 2003-2006
On a Itasca 2006, Model 38T. There appears to be four white plastic clips that hold the instrument cluster in place. That if I release these clips the cluster will come out. Is this correct? Or should I be looking for other means that hold the unit in place? ( George Young, 12/08/2018 )
Not answered yet.
I have a 2005 Fleetwood Fiesta 26Y, Workhorse P32, 8.1 Vortec.

My Instrument cluster odometer is fading, also my temp guage is not working.

Will your new rebuild fix these issues? Will my odometer read he correct mileage when complete?

Do you actually fix the old cluster or provide a new one? Do you ship to Canada, if so what is cost to BC?

Your response is appreciated.


( Tim, 07/14/2018 )
Yes our rebuild will replace the screen with a highly visible, easy to read unit. We also replace and test all gauges for proper operation. The odometer will read correctly as the mileage data is stored on a separate memory chip on the circuit board. We fix your existing cluster unless the board has failed (unusual). We do ship internationally, you can check shipping costs by adding the product to your cart and then entering your shipment details. ( Support )
Do you have any instruction on removing the instrument cluster in my 2004 Pace Arrow
( John Howard, 04/12/2018 )
 I do not have anything written, but I believe that the one you have is sandwiched between the dash face and the dash itself.
( Support )
I have my instrument cluster partially out but cannot figure how to release the two plug ins. I see they each have a small black release but I still don't want to force anything, lt seems to be simple,but trying to be safes. Would appreciate your input ( Ellis Brown, 01/29/2018 )
The small detent on the bottom of each connector needs to be depressed in order for the connector to release. ( Support )
2004 W22, when key is turned on the instrument cluster constantly reboots start up cycle. In addition unable to start engine, acts like dead battery even though battery tests good. Wondering if these symptoms are related to actia instrument cluster problems. Cluster was replaced in 2006. ( Steve Bachel, 12/23/2017 )
This sounds to be a voltage issue and not an issue directly with your instrument cluster. Your battery might test good for voltage but still have a bad cell. If you haven't, try starting it using the boost/emergency button. ( Support )
( JERRY MAYES, 04/12/2017 )
Our repair will address the issue of the mileage, also replace all of the motors that control the gauges. So if the fuel level issue is with the cluster then this repair will resolve that. If the issue remains after the repair then you would need a new fuel pump. ( Alan )

Once I plug the rebuilt cluster back into the dash, is the Original/Actual vehicle mileage displayed? Thanks EMR

( EMR, 02/21/2016 )

The mileage data is stored on a separate memory chip on the board so changing the screen will not effect the mileage at all. 

( Support )

Will this cluster work on a 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer with a 2002 W22 chassis? Thanks

( Patrick, 02/10/2016 )


Sorry, this is just a repair service for the instrument clusters found in the 2003-2005 model year Workhorses. Even if you bought one outright it would not be compatible with your vehicle.

( Support )

Do you provide UPS or other shipping label? Joe

( Joe Konkright, 04/03/2015 )


We only cover return shipping, it is your responsibility to ship us the instrument cluster.

( Support )

how hard is it to get the cluster out of the dash. on a 2004 workhorse

( don coleman, 03/29/2015 )


The instrument cluster removal depends on the coach builder and how they installed it so we can't really give any insight other than it will ultimately be held in by eight screws.

( Jon )

I can no longer read the LCD screen in the instrument cluster all other gages work fine , do i need to buy a full replacement panal or can only the LCD screen be replaced? if so, do i tread in of the old instrument closter for a new one or send the old one in for repaires ?

( Jim Piel, 03/20/2015 )


Our service consists of you removing the whole instrument cluster from the dash and sending it into us for repairs. We replace the LCD screen with a high quality unit that won't fail in the future and also perform a few other improvements that will increase the overall reliability of your cluster. You can read more about it and purchase the service here: Actia Instrument Panel Repair

( Jon )

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