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105297S - Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster *Replacement Screen Kit*

On SALE! 105297S - Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster *Replacement Screen Kit*


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Not sure if you can install yourself? Please purchase our in-house repair service instead: Click Here


Wholesale pricing available for bulk purchases, contact for more information.


Please Note:

  • Changing the LCD screen DOES NOT change your mileage. Mileage is stored on a separate memory chip on the circuit board!
  • Removing and replacing the screen comes with an inherent risk as we have no control over any mistakes that may be made during installation. We test each screen before it's shipped out for proper operation. Any issues with the cluster after installation would be your responsibility to have tested and repaired if possible.



  • Can't read your LCD screen but don't want to send your cluster out for repairs? If you are a DIY-type person this is an easy repair and will save you time and money versus sending the cluster in for repairs. We have made the replacement process as straightforward as possible and include everything needed to do the job as well as detailed instructions with photos.
  • This Industrial Grade LCD Screen is an easily readable dark blue.  This is the LCD back light color only.  We do not change the illumination color of the actual cluster itself.  It will remain OEM.
  • Not just a mere repair, but a permanent solution.
  • Other rebuilds use the exact OEM replacement display which will fail again in 4-5 years.  This is because OEM display construction uses flimsy bonded plastic ribbon technology in a plastic frame. Our panels have an an estimated lifespan of 30-100 years.
  • This screen is guaranteed to restore your faded or difficult to read odometer with a brand new industrial constructed panel vastly superior to the original. Your Workhorse cluster will not require reprogramming.



  • Dark Blue back light color for highest contrast and easy daytime/evening reading (odometer display only)
  • EEPROM data (mileage) preserved so display automatically reads correct mileage
  • Lifetime LCD screen warranty



Most Workhorse Chassis Motorhome and Commercial Vehicles model years 2003-2006

We have a 2003 Fleetwood Southwind and the screen has become unreadable, very hard to know what gear you are in!
Also, the fuel gauge has just stopped working suddenly and we were wondering if that could be a part of it too.
Could you please tell me the total cost for full repair along with shipping charges to British Columbia.

Please advise.
Thank you so much in advance.
( Jackie Feuz, 11/29/2023 )
Hello, the complete repair is part # 105297R , and is $299 USD . That replaces the LCD with a better, easier to read screen and also changes all of the "stepper motors" that run the gauges with lifetime warranted parts. If you add that to the "shopping cart" you should be able to get return shipping quotes. If you want to reply with your Province and Postal code, we can give a quote as well. There is an $18 shipping insurance charge applied to international orders also.  ( Support )
2004 damon challenger. Will this instrument cluster work for this model ( chris ableitner, 11/21/2023 )
This is not a cluster replacement. It is an LCD Replacement only. Yes, it is correct for the vin provided.  ( Support )
I have 2005 Newmar Kountry Star 8.1 workhorse and need a instrument cluster lens ( 06/04/2023 )
We offer a replacement lens: ( Support )
Beside the LCD issue the speedometer doesn't work. I assume this will not repair that, correct? ( Rob Frakes, 04/19/2023 )
You are correct, this is only a fix for the LCD screen. We do offer in-house repair for both the LCD and gauges though:  ( Support )
Does this LCD replacement kit work with 2003 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager 8368MXG Workhorse motorhome? Do you ship it to Canada? How long will take for shipping? ( Matt, 05/30/2022 )
Hello, that is the correct LCD replacement for that vehicle and we do ship to Canada , most orders ship same day or next, depending on time of order . Depending on which shipping option you choose, shipping time is 1-2 days up to 6-10 days . International Priority is the fastest at 1-2 days . International economy is 3-5 days , ground is 6-10 days ( in theory)  ( Support )
Can not read instrument panel on 2004 Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Can you rebuild? ( Alice McQueen, 02/06/2022 )

Hi Alice,

    Yes, that is one we rebuild and would resolve the issue of not being able to read the display.

( Support )
I just purchased a 1052975S Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster Replacement Screen Kit. Just want to make sure, will this fit my National DolphinLX ?? ( Lawrence Weatherord, 09/22/2021 )

Hi Lawrence,

    Based on your VIN that is a correct part for your coach.

( Support )
Will this also fix the water temp and fuel gauge readings, they are all over the place? ( James Douglas Wells, 07/16/2021 )
No, that is just the LCD screen replacement kit, you would need the 105297R , which is the complete repair service, we change the LCD screen as well as all of the stepper motors for the gauges, you would need to send in your cluster for that. However , please double check the VIN , as that one isn't showing as a valid VIN .  ( Support )
Have 2004 workhorse Georgie Boy. Can't read the digital panel. Will this work? ( George, 04/17/2021 )
Yes, that screen kit is correct based on the VIN you provided. ( Support )
Hello. Will the 105297S - Workhorse Actia Instrument Cluster work on a 2003 Winnebago Sightseer?
VIN: 5B4LP57GO33367627
( Denise Lewis, 04/06/2021 )
It sure will! ( Support )
do you have instrument screen repair kits for caterpillar equipment like a d5n dozer screen ? ( BRYAN, 02/06/2021 )
We only have a replacement LCD screen for Actia instrument clusters. If your dozer has that brand of instrument cluster, send pictures to 360-736-2158 or email so we can ID. ( Support )
I have this panel installed in my 2003 Monaco Monarch. While driving the panel died. RPM and Speedometer gauge are stuck in what position they were in while driving. The LCD screen is completely blank and my cruise control no longer works. Would this be an indication the panel died or a blown fuse or possibly faulty ground wire? Any assistance would be helpful. The part number I can see is: 101 731. ( Doug Ferraro, 11/14/2020 )


There could be multiple issues going on here, a loss of power to the cluster could cause the issue. Check the under dash fuse panel, location #21 which is 5 amp fuse. For further diagnostics, please call in and speak with one of our technicians 800-417-4559.

( Support )
I have a 2008 Workhorse chassis UPS delivery truck. The part number I found for the instrument cluster is W0011283. Do you have a cluster unit to replace this one I have? ( David Harmon, 06/17/2020 )


    Do you have the cluster still? We can repair those clusters, so if you have one that has issues just send it in, if you do not have it any longer, then we would need one of the same part# out of another truck, with that we can duplicate it to create a replacement cluster from new clusters we have here. Give me a call if you have questions 800-417-4559 ask for Alan

( Support )
Please verify that this upgrade will work on my 2004 Newmar Kountry Star 3778. VIN listed. ( Neal , 02/26/2020 )
Yes it will. ( Support )
Will this fit my 2003 Pace Arrow and can I put the Screen Kit myself. Do you ship to Canada (c1e1z2) and cost ( DON SIMMONDS, 12/05/2019 )
Yes this will work for you and we do ship to Canada. Contact us directly to discuss shipping options. ( Support )

I have a 2005 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 37C and can no longer read the display. Will this fit? Thanks!

F.I.N. 777C67168397
( Tyler Howard, 08/06/2019 )
Tyler, Yes this will replace the failed display you have in your cluster. ( Support )
Do you have a replacement board for this vehicle 2008 workhorse the part number I have on the back of cluster is wool9656 made by actually also has w-049997-07 on the back ( Arden, 07/23/2019 )
Arden, Based on the VIN you provided the part# that you have is W0009656 and is no longer available. What issues are you having? You can send it in for our repair service and we will take a look. Here is a link for that service ( Support )
Do you have a replacement dashboard instrument cluster or part #16252197 the soft circuit board for the cluster ( Bruce Schuster, 06/23/2019 )
I'm sorry but this part for your  has been discontinued and we have no availability on it. The Workhorse catalog shows part # 16217725 as an alternative part # but is has also been discontinued. ( Support )
Will the 105297S fit my 2005 Fleetwood Southwind 37c
Is the product new
I have 6700 miles. Can I set new odometer to 6700 miles
( Ron, 06/22/2019 )
This product would fit your 2005 W22. It is a new screen (only) not the whole instrument cluster. This would not have any effect on the mileage reading as that is stored memory on a separate chip on the circuit board. ( Support )
will I still have the same features as before.Mileage,distance to empty,average miles per gal,oil pressure, and etc.?
( Gary A Croson, 03/04/2019 )
Yes all the same displays will be there, just visible now :) ( Support )
I have a 2004 Fleetwood Fiesta with the workhorse chassis, I can't read the screen very much anymore is that the part you are providing?
( j-p, 09/09/2018 )
Yes this is for that. ( Support )
I purchased the 105297s kit for my motorhome and have since sold the motor home and would like to return this item, in the box and items are sealed. let me know please if that is possible, thank you. ( robert patterson, 09/01/2018 )


    Unfortunately, this is an electrical item, and per our terms and conditions we cannot accept a return. Sorry about that.

( Support )
I have a 2005 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster. I just purchased the Led display unit from you and will be installing shortly. Should I also be replacing the Lights in the instrument cluster while I have it out. ( Andy Adamczak, 03/02/2018 )
No that will not be necessary. We very rarely see issues with the lights. ( Support )
how is the dash removed on a 2006 adventurer ? ( skipper van fossen, 10/26/2017 )
Not answered yet.
will this fit my o6 adventurer? and how is the dash removed for instal ? ( Skipper VanFossen, 06/04/2017 )

Hi Skipper,

Yes based on your VIN this would work for your Adventurer.

( Support )
trying to find the video to repair odometer, before I order it. ( marshall, 02/27/2017 )


    We do not have a video yet. However we do have detailed installation instructions and phone technical support. 

( Alan )
how much would it cost to send my odometer cluster in for repair? 2005 cruise master luxura by Georgie boy.Part# wooo6468 ( marshall tanner, 02/23/2017 )


It would be $299 for our full repair. See this link: 105297R

( Support )

( Bill Cornie, 07/11/2016 )

Hi Bill,

Your VIN indicates that you actually have a 2005 chassis. The 10th digit of a VIN signifies what year a vehicle is and your's is a 5, making it a 2005. It is not uncommon to have a chassis that is one model year older than the coach body itself.

( Support )

My dash was recalled and repaired several years ago. I STILL can't read it most of the time! Does your dash correct the problem? If so, how?

( chris walmsley, 03/29/2016 )


Yes this will fix your issue. The new screen is an entirely different technology that will not pixelate or become hard to read like the original style. You can either send your cluster in for the repair service or you can purchase the screen kit and do the repair yourself.

( Support )

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