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STOCK-SPS - GM / Workhorse Stock Service Programming Service

On SALE! STOCK-SPS  -  GM / Workhorse Stock Service Programming Service


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This is a programming SERVICE. You must send us your Module(s) for programming


This service is to re-program your provided PCM / ECM / TCM to factory stock calibrations. We will include tire size and speedometer adjustment if requested in comments, we will need tire size and gear ratio and/or speedometer reading vs. GPS reading.

Ship Your Module(s) To:

Rodney W. Brazel Inc

Attn: Reprogram Service

3912 Harrison Ave.

Centralia, WA 98531

Click Here: Module Programming Form - Include with Module

Vehicle list and PCM / ECM / TCM Part numbers we are able to program:

4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 5.7L / 6.0L / 8.1L (All GM / Workhorse Applications)
  • 2001 Model Year (12200411)
  • 2002 Model Year (12200411)
  • 2003 Model Year (12576106)
  • 2004 Model Year (12586243)
  • 2005 Model Year (12589462)
  • 2006 Model Year (12602801)
  • 2007+ Model Year (Only 8.1L - 12602801)

5.7L 350 / 7.4L 454 (All GM / Workhorse Applications)
  • 1996 Model Year (Part # 16244210)
  • 1997 Model Year (Part # 16229684)
  • 1998 Model Year (Part # 16258845)
  • 1999 Model Year (Part # 16263494)
  • 2000 Model Year (Part # 16263494)

Allison Transmission Control Module (All GM / Workhorse Applications)
  • 2001-2005 Model Years (Part # 29537441)

Will this reprogram the TCM to lower the Overdrive shift point to 48mph? ( ALBrandwood, 10/05/2023 )
No, this is for factory programming only. If you want the modified Allison tune you will need to purchase this: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/UPTCM ( Support )
Add to what I previously sent in, I have also replaced both Knock Sensors. Also checked them and both are within spec's. ( James E Haney, 07/02/2023 )
Not answered yet.
Code P0332 Knock sensor. It comes on early into a trip or sometimes just going down the road. I have a scan gauge II that i use to reset the code. Sometimes it will go for miles before it sets again.
I have replaced the MAF, new spark plugs, new wires new air filter, new 02 sensors. Ran 91 octane, still I get the knock sensor CEL. The engine runs perfectly no missing or no KNOCKS or pinging. Could this be a ECM issue?

Latest trip I got an average of 4.867 MPG going to branson Mo from our home, near cape girardeau, about 211 miles. It did do better coming back probably about 6. I drive at around 62 MPH never higher and use Cruise Control quite a bit, although foot feed when going through the big hills.

The inside of the Tail pipes are black soot. Also noted that when I activate the headlights, a beeper goes off have to check that out. Could a reprogram of the ECM help in any of this?
( James E Haney, 07/02/2023 )

Hi James,

        I have sent the diagnostics for that code to your email. Please go through that and if you still do not come up with a solution, reach back out by replying to that email. Have a great day!

( Support )
I have a 02 Silverado 2500Hd 6.0 with 217000. It is a good running motor. Will your tune wake her up a little? ( Adam R DeVries, 07/23/2022 )
Yes, the tune will definitely wake it up: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Ultrapower-GM-Workhorse-8.1L-Custom-Tuning ( Support )
Loud and repetitive back firing when motorhome is under heavy load, like every time it goes up a hill. It will lose power and speed. Rarely it will back fire on flat ground. Engine starts good, idles smoothly. It accelerates great on flat ground. Had this issue for a while and it never shows a trouble code , no engine light. I have recorded many hours of data with your CRecorder and forward it to you , but nothing conclusive shows up. I have gone back to Banks to inspect exhaust and all gaskets and new muffler were installed. Catalytic converters were replaced, new fuel pump, filters.
Do you think that a factory reprograming of the TCM could help with my issue ?

Thank you, Pedro
( Pedro, 02/09/2022 )
Reprogramming the TCM will not help with the issue. Have you replaced the spark plugs and wires? Is the backfire out of the exhaust or is coming from the intake? ( Support )
I have 1999 Chevy 2500 with 7.4 vortec, can y’all look at my computer to see if someone have put a tune on it or if any of the factory tune isn’t correct? ( Dusty Parks, 10/26/2021 )
Yes, we can read out of the calibrations and compare them to stock values to see if anything is modified. ( Support )
I have a 2003 Pace Arrow/Workhorse with an 8 liter GM/Allision. The coach has a Banks performance system but best as I can tell it's only a header/cat-back system. The coach as times had gone into a disable/de-rate mode after OBD trouble codes have been set. Can you tell me if this is normal or if ECM software was modified or has a flaw? Would a reprogram do anything to help this situation? A this moment I do not have access to my vin.

Thank you!
( Louis Stewart, 05/15/2021 )
My guess is that the code(s) you are getting have to do with the oxygen sensors. We sometimes see this issue with Banks TorqueTube headers installed and the only way we have found to cure it is to wrap the headers so that the proper amount of heat is still in the exhaust for the oxygen sensors to be happy. ( Support )
I have a 2008 Safari Passage 315 on a Workhorse W18 chassis. Can you program an Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) for the vehicle? ( Kyle Tice, 10/12/2020 )
We only program the engine and transmission modules, the ABS module comes preprogrammed for that chassis. ( Support )
Whats the price for repair? ( Chris Clark, 10/11/2020 )
Chris, Thanks for asking, but we do not offer a repair service for this product. This is only for a factory programming of a working module. ( Support )
I bought a used TCM out of a Silverado with Allison 1000 trans. Same base part #. Can you program it for my RV?

( Dave Heinzen , 07/25/2020 )
Yes we can. ( Support )

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