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29537441 - Workhorse Allison 5 Speed Transmission Computer

29537441 - Workhorse Allison 5 Speed Transmission Computer

Part # 29537441


  • Reprogrammed Allison transmission control module to your VIN "Plug & Play"Remanufactured
  • Overdrive shift point is lowered from ~55mph down to ~48mph.
  • This TCM will be programmed to your specific vehicle. Plug and play, no relearn required. 
  • For your convenience, we will include a prepaid UPS return label to send your core back. (Not on International Orders) *If core is not returned within 30 days we will deduct $100 from the core refund*

  • Core refunds will ONLY apply to modules that are causing the PCM/TCM fuse to blow. Any other problems with the TCM will not be eligible for a core refund. ESPECIALLY if there is a burnt electrical smell.

  • GM/Workhorse 8.1L Engine
  • Workhorse Motor Home Chassis from 2001-2005


  • W0007797
  • W0003647
  • 15760364
  • W8000454
  • W0005262
  • 29542725
  • W0006460
  • W0002177
  • W8000455

We commonly see 01-05 Workhorse W20-W22's blowing the PCM/TCM fuse. This is caused by a failed component in the TCM. The only remedy is replacing the TCM. To verify the TCM is failed, just unplug the TCM and see if the fuse still blows when the ignition is turned on. If it continues to blow then you have a wiring issue.


transmission will shift in forward and reverse . Drive goes 40 mph. the gear inditcator in dash does not move stays in drive no matter what gear selector is in ( ron duvall, 03/22/2019 )

It could be an issue with the TCM but it almost sounds like it could be a problem with the mode selector on the side of the transmission. I would start there before changing out the TCM.

( Support )
Is this transmission controller legal for CARB (California) regulations?? And is the engine controller legal for California also?? Do you charge for installation of either is I come to your shop?? Thanks, Alan Utzig ( Alan Utzig, 03/07/2019 )
We do not have CARB certifications for these products. If the vehicle is brought to us, we do not charge labor as we can change the programming via the OBD2 port. ( Support )
what kind of vehicle this part goes on

( Santos, 08/23/2018 )
This controller is used on a wide range of vehicles but we only can program them for use in the Workhorse Chassis. From your VIN it looks like you have a Freightliner chassis so you will need to contact a Freightliner dealer for help with this. ( Support )
Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing a 2007 workhorse with 26k Miles but it seems to be having a problem shifting into gear. The procedure to get it to drive is.. Start engine Put into drive Put back into park Shut off engine Start engine Put into drive Then it will go into gear. Reasearch ive done comes back to a TCM problem. How should I remedy? ( Michael Hubbard, 01/28/2018 )
Not answered yet.
2000 gmc school bus start up fine shift ok till drive 2 - 5 miles speedometer stop working, check trans light on goes to limit or 3rd gear. shut off works for a few seconds come back on. It will come on even if you start bus and don't but in gear after 3-5 minutes or less. Replace speed sensor, took out wire harness from tcm to trans found no bad spots, load test wire with head light all good. I think must be in tcm? ( Dennis Timm, 12/01/2017 )
Not answered yet.
According to Allison, my TCM part number is 29542725, not 29537441. My engine will not turn over and the fuse for the TCM blows when plugged in and ignition on. Bad TCM? What if I order and the the problem still exists. Can the item be returned? Will your work even though a different part number? ( mike rogers, 10/18/2016 )


29537441 is compatible with 29542725 so it would work for you. I would recommend unplugging the TCM and then turning the ignition on to see if the fuse still blows. If it does not blow, then you have a bad TCM. 

( Support )
Maybe I'm all wrong here but I would want my tranny to shift at a higher RPM. It seems my RV doesnt downshift on its own soon enough when climbing and shifts to OD too soon when on level ground. Could it be as simple as you reprogramming a TCM, sending it too me and me swapping out? Thanks ( Scott Jordan, 06/24/2016 )


It sounds like you have the opposite problem that everyone else does. I don't think our programming is going to fix your situation. One thing that can throw the shifting all out of loop would be if the speedometer is off, you might check with a GPS to see if it is.

( Support )

Is this a reconditioned unit? Is it a take out? What can you tell me about warranty? is there any. This unit I have trouble with is from 2003 Winnebago with Workhorse chassis Model 29537441 SNBKDCYFM323476152

( keith Hammersley, 04/26/2016 )

These are refurbished units that we test and make sure are completely functional. We have a 1 year warranty on these units.

( Support )

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