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UltraPower GM / Workhorse 1998-2000 7.4L Vortec (454) Custom Tuning

On SALE! UltraPower GM / Workhorse 1998-2000 7.4L Vortec (454) Custom Tuning


Order Shipment Notice: 

Most orders are shipped within 24 hours from the order date. Orders placed on the weekend or after cutoff on Friday, and orders placed on select holidays are processed on the next business day. Please see our shipping terms for more information.

If you will be sending us your ECM for reprogram you will need to select "Remove Core Charge"

We no longer offer tuning for the 1996-1997 model years.


  • 1998-2000 GM/Workhorse P32 with 7.4L Vortec Engine L29
  • 1998-2000 Chevrolet and GMC Pickups and SUV’s with 7.4L Vortec Engine (L29) (May require Passkey and Crankshaft Relearn Procedure


The GM 7.4L UltraPower ECM has long been the ultimate performance modification you can make to your GM 7.4L powered RV or truck with the highest power gains on the market! Thousands of satisfied customers have reported fuel economy increases as well as less transmission downshifting because of the increased horsepower and torque. The UltraPower ECM performs very well on both stock engines and ones that have been upgraded with other modifications.

What sets us apart from the others? Most generic tuners only change very basic parameters within the computer, whereas UltraPower Tuning changes approximately 400 parameters including both engine AND transmission settings. That is the difference between cookie-cutter and custom!

While most tuners rely on “canned” tune files (not custom), our GM 7.4L Custom Tuned ECM is tailored specifically to YOUR vehicle. We require the VIN so that we can pull up your vehicle’s specific parameters and create a truly customized tune for your vehicle.

UltraPower 7.4L ECM Benefits:

  • Gains of 40-45 HP and 45-50 lb-ft torque depending on existing upgrades
  • Gains of 1/2 - 1 MPG
  • Maintains speed and higher gears when climbing hills
  • Disabling of emissions systems (for competition or off road use only)
  • Custom tuned for modifications such as aftermarket camshafts, exhaust, air intake, tire size, gear ratio, etc. (Please list in order comments)

I have a 2001 L21 that I would like to use with my 1979 Camaro. It would be a manual trans install if I can figure that part out. I have the ecu that ran the motor. I was hoping to get it running as is with its factory efi and coil packs. Can you help me perhaps suggest a path that will work if possible?

( Michael, 03/21/2024 )
We do not deal with the ECM used in the L21 application. My suggestion would be to check with Wester's Garage out of Alberta, Canada.  ( Support )
Hello, I have 1999 C3500 with a 454 and trying to see if your tune will help with the performance of my truck. Currently the Cats are gone and the egr has been deleted. The O2 sensors are still plugged in. For some reason I still have a slight miss and I think it’s because I still have the stock program running with the cats and egr emissions parts gone. Also, the check light is on. Will your ecu help? ( Charlie , 02/23/2024 )
Yes, the tune will most definitely help the performance. The miss could be attributed to still having stock programming but I wouldn't say that for certain. Of course with the tune, we can turn off the check engine light. ( Support )
Is it possible to tune the ECM to get rid of the GM efi system and install an HEI distributor and carb? I’d like to get rid of the factory efi system on my 2000 3500 and install a carb with a hei distributor but I’d like to know if the ecm can be tuned run everything else in the truck (trans control, gauge panel, fuel pump, etc). ( Dalton, 02/07/2024 )
Yes, this can be done. ( Support )
I have a 2000 Chevy k3500 I pull a toy hauler and want tuning to maximize performance. Also the egr tube split and I deleted it out. Can you remove from programming h so light won’t come on for egr? ( Nick Simpson, 01/28/2024 )
Yes, that can be accomplished. ( Support )
Hello. I Have a 96 k3500 7.4L
I have a spare computer from another 96.
Is tuning available if I send the computer in ??
I use it to tow and mainly looking in that department for gains.
( Bob wouda, 12/17/2023 )
We will tune your extra computer but just be aware that these computers are fragile and are do at your own risk. If the vehicle has issues after installation, we do not cover replacement computers. ( Support )
I have a 199 K3500 that my repair guy tells me it has an ECM issue. Can you check the ECM and repair if necessary and then tune it? The issue is it won't idle down below 1080 he has changed everything but the ECM. ( John Lowery, 10/27/2023 )
We do not repair those ECM's so you would need to purchase an exchange unit and just toss your original if it fixes the issue. ( Support )
Do you offer security system deletes and egr deletes ( Jacob Taylor, 10/19/2023 )
Yes, we can accommodate this. ( Support )
If i send you an ecm from a 1998 K2500 can you do your custom tune for it to work in my 1996 K2500 suburban? ( David, 09/28/2023 )
No, the 1998-2000 ECM is not compatible with a 1996-1997 truck. ( Support )
I’m buying a 2001 Chevy Express motorhome (7.4/4l80) that I will be turning into an off-road camping rig and plan to make the following modifications: Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 206/212, headers, cold air intake, EGR delete, aftermarket exhaust, 37” tires, 5.38 gears.

-Can you tune the ECM properly for these changes for my specific type of use (low end torque for off road/towing with some street driving)? I would also love to get a few more MPG if possible.

-Can you also reprogram the ECM for transmission changes (quicker/firmer shifts, speedo correct for tires/gears, etc)?

-I’m also interested in the ScanGaugeIII OBD2 Vehicle Monitor. Does it monitor ALL the sensors on the engine including fuel pressure and each individual injector?

( Robert, 09/10/2023 )
Yes, we can tune your ECM to accommodate the modifications you plan on making for both the engine & transmission. The ScanGaugeIII will display the available parameters, but the fuel pressure is not monitored by the ECM so it would not give you that. I don't believe it will give you detailed injector information either. ( Support )
Will I be able to further tune the ecm after I get it back? ( Payton Twiford, 08/11/2023 )
You will not be able to make any changes yourself but if there's something that needs to be changed, you can send the ECM back for a no-charge revision. ( Support )
I have a 1997 K3500. What is the reason it is '98 on upwards that you guys can mess with? ( Brandon Davis, 08/03/2023 )
We no longer offer core exchange tuning for the 1996-1997 model years due to PCM availability. We will only tune these model years if you send your fully functional PCM to us. ( Support )
I was wondering if you can program for no o2 sensors because I would like to change the exhaust in the future. I will be using this truck mainly for a towing. Also the speedometer is off by 10 mph and it’s running stock tires and rear axle ratio 3.73. Also I would like to save on the core so I would be sending my ecm to you approximately what is the wait time. Thanks ( Robert M Potier, 07/31/2023 )
Yes we can accomplish all of your requests. Typical turn around is 3-4 business days. ( Support )
Is it possible to install the Bosch injectors at a later date without reprogramming the ECM? ( Michael Wernecke, 06/29/2023 )
Yes, the injectors do not require different programming. ( Support )
I have a 1998 Cheyenne that is used for towing a 5th wheel camper. Truck has 110,000 miles and overall is in great shape for her age. Manual transmission. Not sure of the rear end gearing. 7.4L is running good. Stock tune, no upgrades have been done to the engine.
I’m interested in your tuned ECM. What kind of performance can I expect with your tuned ECM? Will “Check Engine” lights still operate? Would changing injectors help with this tune? Looking to beef her up a bit without sacrificing reliably.
( Michael Wernecke, 06/27/2023 )
You can expect a boost of around 40 horsepower and 45 lb-ft torque with our tuning. All functions such as the check engine light will still operate as normal. We do see some improvement by upgrading to a Bosch fuel injector: ( Support )
I have a 2000 c6500 with a l21 454 it's similar to the l29 but has coil near plug ignition and uses a ls1 ecu as far as I know. I need to get a bump in power out of this thing and can send in the ecu if it's something you can tune. I'd also like to disable all emissions. The truck has no factory cats but does have egr. ( Ryan, 06/21/2023 )
We do not offer tuning for this platform due to availability of ECM's for them. If the ECM were to be damaged or lost in shipping, it would be extremely difficult to find a replacement. ( Support )
I am wanting to upgrade my 1996 k2500 suburban ecm with a 1998 ecm from a K2500 pickup. If i send you the 1998 ecm can you progrom it to work for my 1996 suburban ( David Nardi, 06/11/2023 )
I'm sorry but we can't configure the 98-00 PCM to work on a 1996 truck. ( Support )
99 K3500 Vortec 7.4L. shorty headers, Bosch D3 injector upgrade, primarily used as daily driver & camper towing.

Have you done any tunes for a Vortec 7.4L with the camshaft installation advanced? Stock these engines are retarded to about 118 degrees, I purchased a new adjustable timing set and plan on advancing my cam to 108, possibly 106. Will this work, and can you tune for this?

Thank You!
( Stacey, 06/09/2023 )
It cannot be tuned for that because it'll set a Cam to Crankshaft position error. You'd have to have a camshaft that's ground correctly for the cam sensor reluctor position change, or it'll set a sync error. ( Support )
1999 Chevy K2500, 7.4l 454 Vortec with AC 3.73 gear ratio LT265/75R16 tires 4L80E trans I am mainly looking to make the truck run as efficiently as possible with a good balance of power and efficiency. I will eventually tow a small-ish boat and trailer to haul construction debris but this truck will mostly be used for house projects and elk hunting. What are your thoughts on the tune? Anything else you need to know? Other than repinning, is there another benefit to going with this option/tune over a 0411 PCM swap? ( Tim Irving, 05/30/2023 )
Not answered yet.
Hi I have a two thousand damon daybreak motor home for the 454 gm. I'm interested in having the ECM tuned. Wondering if it's worth it and what is the time frame from when I take it out send it to till I get it back? Thanks keith phone number 6082145006
( Keith Austin, 04/30/2023 )
We definitely think it's worth it if you are looking to get some more performance out of your RV! We usually have a 2-3 day turnaround or you can purchase an exchange unit and send yours back in after for a refund. ( Support )

I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado K3500 with the Vortex 7.4L engine and 4L80 Transmission. I'm swapping to a NV4500 manual transmission. I have a whole junk truck to use the parts, but it has less equipment than mine, for example it has no A/C.

I have 3 PCM's available, the Junk Truck PCM, my K3500 PCM and an extra one I bought online before.

Would it be possible to tune the original Manual Transmission base truck PCM to support a fully equipped truck with A/C, power windows, power mirrors etc?

I can share the PCM's service Numbers if that help you determine which PCM will be a better fit.

Thank you!

( Ernesto Pastura, 04/16/2023 )
As long as you can provide a functioning PCM that belongs to that truck, we can set it up the way you are wanting with manual trans and AC. The power windows, mirrors etc would not have anything to do with the PCM. ( Support )
My pickup is a 1998 C2500 7.4L with manual transmission. Do you tune ECMs for manual transmission also? ( Mike Geiser, 03/31/2023 )
Yes, we do! ( Support )
Yes I am wondering if you can tune a 0411 ecm for my truck to have a manual transmission mine had a 4l80e in it originally but I swapped to a manual nv4500. ( Kent Daniel, 03/20/2023 )
No, we only tune the original "black box" type ECM for the 7.4L's. ( Support )
I have a 1996 C3500 crew cab dually with a 7.4. Right now I have a CAI, 2" full length headers, 3" dual exhaust and EGR delete. I will be sending you my ECU. My question is what cam you would recommend for towing? I want to install a cam while you have the ECU. ( David Rinker, 12/19/2022 )
We would recommend speaking directly with a camshaft manufacturer to determine the best for your particular engine. Based on experience, we have had good results with Comp Cams 212/218 hydraulic roller camshaft. ( Support )
I have a GMC PCM service # 16238212 for a 99 Topkick w/7.4L 454 gas engine; and was wondering if you are able to repair these PCMs/ECMs or have an equivalent I can replace it with? They seem to be similar to those used in your RV work. Just need a working substitute, no enhancements really needed. Thanks for any help. ( Chris, 08/22/2022 )
We are not able to assist in providing this PCM. If you can find this PCM in a salvage yard or from a different type of vehicle that uses the same, we can likely program it to your vehicle for you. ( Support )
1997 gmc 3500 cc dually. I fought this truck with the cats deleted and air pump disabled. Seems like it's lacking power towing my boat. I don't drive the truck daily so could send my ECM to you for tuning My question is would this eliminate the SES light for the cats P0430/20 and air pump ?? The truck does not need to be emissions compliant ( Chris Ostenberg, 08/16/2022 )
If you send your ECM in, we can make the necessary adjustments you are requesting. ( Support )
Will the UltraPower tune, give me the "best bang for my buck" performance increase?
1998 Winnebago Chieftain.
What is the warranty?
( Ken Fohringer, 06/03/2022 )
Yes, it definitely will. Next best upgrade you can make is the Banks TorqueTube headers (49073). We offer a 1 year warranty on the electronic module itself but we support the tuning itself for life. ( Support )
After installed Ultrapower GM/ Workhorse 1998 7.4l Vortec 454c. from your CUSTOM TUNING,ECM,

Please tell me: What is the best ( Power and Fuel Economy setup ) '' for new fuel injectors set '' for my vehicule, should you recommend ?
( Raynald Blouin, 05/14/2022 )
We recommend these injectors: ( Support )
J'ai l'intention d'améliorer l'ordinateur de mon VR, par un model ULTRAPOWER mais avant d'acheter, j'ai besoin de savoir quels fuel injecteurs seront le mieux adaptés ( économie et rendement ) avec le nouveau module? Et si je devrai faire recalibrer mon ecm? merci ( Raynald Blouin, 05/09/2022 )
The stock injectors are fine for our performance tuning. Any "recalibration" would require sending your ECM to us for programming changes.  ( Support )
I just purchased your UltraPower GM / Workhorse 1998-2000 7.4L Vortec (454) Custom Tuning.

Just to clarify…… I am assuming that I have purchased a new pre-programmed ECM correct?

And I know that I have provided my Vin but I wanted to make sure that this will come absolutely ready to plug and play for my 2000 GMC C6500 Topkick 7.4L V8.
( Justin, 04/30/2022 )
Your vehicle is not compatible. The 8th digit of your VIN is the letter "D" which designates your engine as a 7.4L LP4 which is different from a normal L29 7.4L. ( Support )
1992 C2500 2dr 2wd with 7.4

If this were tuned by you, once installed, would there need to be any other modifications like air intake, exhaust, or radiator changes?

Thank you
( Shawn, 04/23/2022 )
I'm sorry, we can't tune anything prior to 1996 model year. ( Support )
Is my only option to send in my ecm? ( Andrew S Evans, 02/09/2022 )
We are currently waiting on more ECM's to come in to be able to provide them on exchange. ( Support )
I've made several performance upgrades myself, but are always looking for something better. I've installed hypertech power programmer, lower thermostat, gale banks torque tube headers and full exhaust, with hi-flow catalytic converters, shift-kit for tranny and larger external cooler. K&N fuel injection performance kit. This 1-ton dually truck is used for hauling a large slide in camper and atv trailer. I've noticed a significant performance uptick, but it seems to fall flat in the upper mid-range, almost seems like it could use a MSD multi spark discharge, I don't know, but I'm considering having a dyno test to see what is happening. oh, by the way, this is a low mileage engine, single owner and I have taken excellent care of this truck. do you think I could get more power with your ecm re-program? ( Mark Smith, 01/05/2022 )
From my experience, the HyperTech programmer for those engines is pretty generic and does not make very many changes in the programming. I am certain we can get more power and overall better drivability with our tuning versus your current setup. ( Support )
Is the pcm that is used a 411? Can I tune it myself later with my own tuner or is it still a black box like the oem? ( Darcy Yakoweshen, 12/15/2021 )
We use the original black box PCM's. If you had the proper tuning software, you could tune it yourself later. ( Support )
my old part number on ecm is 16263494 on 1999 454. 7.4 chevy engine in georgia boy pursuit motorhome. will your new part ecm work on this motorhome. my ecm has to be replaced. what features will i gain with this new unit. is this unit ready for plug and play. thanks ( buddy fisher, 12/09/2021 )
Yes, this would be the compatible ECM with your VIN and part #. The main improvements will be improved shifting and overall more torque to pull hills. It will be plug and play. ( Support )
Hey i have a 1997 chevy k2500 7.4 manual nv4500 trans 3.73 engine bone stock with 45,678 on rebuild with a working good ecm is tunning a question if so how much $ ( Connor Blumhardt, 12/04/2021 )
Yes, we can tune your ECM. Cost would be $495. ( Support )
Good morning
Background: I just recently bought a hypertech programmer for my 1999 (build date 8/98) GMC Suburban 2500 with 7.4L Vortec. I use the vehicle for family road trips and for towing a 6klb boat. I would like to get more power but better economy when towing if possible. I live in AZ and in my county there is emissions testing, so I do not want to change anything that would cause me to fail.
1. Is my vehicle compatable?
2. I do not want to have my vehicle out of commission and risk having a ecm get lost/damaged in mail can I send my old one back for the core credit once I recieve the tuned ECM install and verified it works?
3. What HP/TQ/MPG numbers might I expect?
4. What is the process/steps/turnaround to complete
5. What parameters can be changed with your tunes?
*I do not care if the ECM is painted or not if it holds up the process I just want it to be reliable and work.

All the best

( Daniel Wiktorowicz, 09/15/2021 )

1. Yes, your vehicle is compatible.

2. Yes, you can pay the $100 up front core charge and be refunded when you send your original back to us.

3. Typical gains are 40-45 horsepower and 45-50 lb-ft torque

4. Once the order is placed and you have paid for a core, we will program a PCM here and ship it with a return shipping label for your core. Typical turn around is 3-4 days, sometimes quicker

5. We set all the parameters in the PCM, so you will not have a way to make adjustments on your end. The most important changes that are made have to do with spark advance, fueling, transmission shifting and torque management settings. We will set the tune up based on your modifications and requests.

( Support )

I am looking for some more information on one of your computers. I have a 2000 GMC K2500 with the 7.4 litre 454 Vortec. I am looking for a tune that disables the catalytic converters and egr valve. Also I have a throttle body spacer, cold air intake, headers and true dual 3” exhaust. Is this something you can tune for me?


Warren Wolverton
( Warren Wolverton, 07/27/2021 )
Hi Warren, that is definitely something we can tune for.  ( Support )
I just bought this 97 suburban 4wd with the bbc.
My problem is that my old truck was also a 97 Chevy with the 5.7 engine and it feels like the old one had more power.
This engine runs great but with the difference in fuel consumption and lack of power I’m disappointed
Will your tune help or am I missing something?
( John Retz, 07/19/2021 )
The tune will definitely wake the truck up. Not sure if you have any other issues causing low power though because it should outperform the 5.7L, especially towing. ( Support )
If I send in a functional pcm for my Suburban mentioned in last question whats the average turn around for it? Thanks. ( Steve E Schueler, 06/14/2021 )
We are running about 2-3 days on turnaround right now. ( Support )
I have a 1996 Suburban K2500 with the L29 engine and 4l80 trans. Do you still tune the 96 ecm? I read in earlier questions asked that you had stopped doing the earlier ones. Thanks. ( Steve E Schueler, 06/13/2021 )
We have been doing them on a limited basis, it has been very challenging to find good cores to use. If you want to send your PCM in that you know is functional, that is the best way to do it. ( Support )
The vin is for a 2004 gmc 1500 with a 5.3 vortec. I recently ordered an ecm for a 7.4 vortec and was very impressed. Do you offer anything for the 5.3?


( Jared Molyneux, 06/05/2021 )
We appreciate it but we only specialize in the big block engines. ( Support )
I own a 1998 Safari Trek 2830 P32 chassis with an L29... 28'7" Class A RV... Drivetrain it s completely OEM.. I am in a non emissions state...

My priority is s MPG

Your literature recommends bosch 4 hole injectors..

I have no issues deleting cats... Or deactivating o2 sensors...

What other parameters do you recommend I request for maximum mpg when I send my ECU to you?

When I buy my banks power pak from you and add water injection and propane injection... Will my ECU need to be reprogrammed again?

Currently I flat tow a 96 Toyota 4runner... I use a Suntune econometer gauge to stay in vacuum... Mpg's are 9.6 - 11.2 flat towing on 87 octane

Your literature states .5-1.5 mpg improvement... With the it possible to achieve more...
( Camp, 05/23/2021 )
While we do get reports back of fuel economy gains, that is something we can not guarantee as there are just too many variables that can affect an RV's fuel economy. I wish we could say for sure that you will be able to see a nice gain but we try not to over-promise on that. It would be a good idea to re-tune for the Banks and injection systems. ( Support )
My 98 GMC K2500 L29 7.4 litre has 2.5" true dual exhaust with pro Flowmax mufflers an X-Pipe, cat delete but still has both upstream and both downstream o2 sensors. At times I get a dtc for bank 1 and 2 too rich. Probably cause no cats.

Truck has an Air Aid cold air induction, throttle body spacer, performance ignition wires with stock gm spark plugs. Truck has 3.73 axle ratios and a 4L80E trans, LT265/75R 16" tires. Stock tire would be LT245/75R 16". I tow a 8500lb 5th wheel in the BC mountains. I would like my speedometer calibrated and better power and torque. What is the best tune for my truck. Can the dtc for bank 1&2 too rich be modified to not trigger the code. What gains will I notice with your product? How much of the torque management system is modified? I would like the speed limiter increase as its set at 160kph from factory. Its a brand new L29 454 from GM. Approx 32000km I installed 3 years ago. 196000km on rest of the truck.
( Joe Soares, 05/16/2021 )
We can accommodate your requests for the oxygen sensors, speedometer adjustment and increased HP/TQ. You can expect about 40-45 horsepower and 45-50 lb-ft torque increase with much better throttle response, crisp shifts and there is a reduction in the "TQ Management". ( Support )
Does this upgrade have a negative or positive impact on engine life? ( Todd Lucich, 05/02/2021 )
As long as the engine is well maintained, reliability is not affected. ( Support )
Is the Vehicle Control Module an ECM by another name? If so, is that the unit that sits above the radiator of a 2000 Itasca Suncruiser V32 w/ L29 7.4l (454ci) Vortec? We have a complete Banks Power System and Banks Air Flow. Also, is shipping included both ways? Or if I pay to send in, is the return shipping included in the $495? Thank you. ( George Nichols, 04/23/2021 )
The terms ECM, PCM, and VCM are all used to describe the engine computer by various manufacturers, yours is located above the radiator . Return shipping is included , you are responsible for shipping to us , however if you choose the "core charge" and order the ECM , we can provide a return shipping label for your core and deduct from the core refund. ( Support )
im wanting /needing power and torque. as much as possible im going to do a cam exhaust and injectors and intake so my questions are what do you think my gain would be with your pcm and can it be piggy backed with a plug in tuner thanks matt ( Matthew Hammond, 04/15/2021 )
There are a lot of variables that play into the exact gains we can achieve but I would say somewhere around 45-50 HP and 60 Ft Lb. TQ with those modifications done. ( Support )
would i be able to get a retune if i add a cam after, and what is the turn around time, thanks ( Carl Louis Mueller, 03/26/2021 )
Yes, we can do that. Our typical turn around time is 2-3 business days. ( Support )
I bought this truck brand new. It is bone stock except for tow mirrors and Kodiak door handles on all 4. I won't change the exhaust or add a ring eating K&N. I like my shift points where they are. I wouldn't mind an EGR delete for the part throttle improvement and a cleaner intake, but mostly I would like to keep everything else functioning, I am looking for more torque below 3,000 rpms, ideally in the 1500-2500 range, because almost all of my driving is in that range. Is there anything to be gained within my parameters? Thank you.

( Tom Coyle, 03/07/2021 )
If you are wanting to keep the truck otherwise stock, the tuning would be your best upgrade to boost the performance and it would definitely help the low end where you are wanting it to. ( Support )
If i buy a tune do i need to send my ECU 1st or can you send me one then when i get the ECU from you send mine back to get my 100 back? And i was wondering what benefits will i see with my 454 i have a new jasper motor with upgraded injectors and full exhaust. 1 cat is gone already and the other is gutted i am taking it off next week when i get a chance. will i notice anything? ( David Messer, 03/01/2021 )
We can send a pre-programmed ECU on core exchange. You would see a nice gain in power, on your 1997 we generally pick up about 30 horsepower and 35 lb-ft torque. ( Support )
I have a vortec454 in a non smog az tow vehicle. Cats have been removed as well as smog pump. Since the cat removal shift points have been wonky. I would like to get the o2 delete. Stronger shift points for towing and power. Is this doable?

Let me know so I can order asap
( Cy locke, 02/07/2021 )
Yes, we can resolve your issues. Please just leave in the order comments your requests to be done. ( Support )
Very interested in this. I have a 2000 gmc k2500 with the l29 454. Truck has k&n air filter, 2.5 inch exhaust (no cats), e3 spark plugs and 8.5mm plug wires. Truck is stock otherwise and runs good just looking for more out of it. My question is that I have a 1998 7.4 parts truck. Is there any way I could send you that one as a core in return for one to work in my 2000? Also the torque management. Is there a way you could tune that out completely or as much out as you possibly can? ( Andrew Heins, 01/01/2021 )
Yes, we could accept the PCM from your '98 as the core. We can also take care of the TQ management for you. ( Support )
I have a 1999 3500 Chevy crew cab with the 7.4l 454 I’ve got Gibson headers true dual exhaust with flow masters no cats. I do still have all the O2 sensors but would like to delete them if possible. I was interested in your tune for this engine and was wondering what your best guess on the horse power / toque gains would be. Thank you for any information you could give me. ( Todd Sorochuk, 12/14/2020 )
Gains with the modifications you have done would be around 45 HP/ 45 TQ. Oxygen sensor modifications can be done. ( Support )
I just ordered an ECM for my 7.4 and was curious on if you guys did this tuning on the 5.7s? I didn’t see anything on the site but that doesn’t mean I saw everything. Just wondering because I’d buy one of those as well. ( Dalen Hale, 11/03/2020 )
We only specialize in the big block engines. ( Support )
I have Bosch Gen III injectors; Volant Air intake; and 3” exhaust. Also I don’t have either downstream 02 sensors. Could you do a downstream 02 sensor delete? And performance tune? ( Dalen Hale, 11/01/2020 )
Yes we can. ( Support )
I wanted to know that I am changing the fuel injectors to Bosch 4 holes and in trying to get off EGR tube it was fused on the fittings. I had to cut it off So it seems that the tube is no longer available so can the computer get tuned to delete EGR? If so what would it cost me
Thank you
( Eric McLean, 10/15/2020 )
Eric, we can program for EGR delete, cost would be $ 495.00 and would also include the performance tune . ( Support )
what does this do at emission inspections?? ( neil radabaugh, 09/23/2020 )
As long as you don't have any emission systems removed, you will pass without any issues. ( Support )
Does this computer hav egr delete programmed into it ( Kirk irish , 08/26/2020 )
When you purchase, just let us know any modifications or requests and we can accomodate. ( Support )
Reading some of your responses I came across one with regards to a 1996.
Can you program for a 96 gmc 2500 suburban 4x4 for toque and HP gains?
( Neil, 08/08/2020 )
Yes, as long as it is a "J" (8th digit of the VIN) Vortec 7.4L, we can tune it. ( Support )
Can i tell if my RV has this already? Do you have identifying marks on the ECU? Interested, but don't want to buy one to find out i've already got it :D (my unit has 2 previous owners i think...)

( Drewe, 08/07/2020 )
It may or may not have a decal on the ECM depending on if they did a mail order tune or came in to our shop. The only way to know for certain would be to pull the ECM and send to us so we can read it out and check. ( Support )
I have a 2000 C3500 with the 454/L29 and auto trans. The previous owner had the engine rebuilt in 2012 and tells me they installed an RV cam but I am not sure which one. I have the parts list and see one item called 01-412-8 hyd roller cam for $315. They also installed roller lifters, heavy springs and chain/gears. The heads, pistons, and intake are stock. The exhaust does not have CATS with dual to the muffler and single exit tailpipe. I installed a K&N replacement are filter in the stock air box. Installed E3 spark plugs which seemed to help. I tow a large fifth wheel trailer with RPMs between 1800 to 2500 typically. This is a crew cab, 8 foot bed. Is this enough information to create a tune or will you need more information? My goal is to improve torque and trans efficiency then MPG. The tire are one size larger than stock to the speedometer is off a little. When it shows 55 MPH your actually going about 57 to 58 MPH.

( Joe Gleason, 08/02/2020 )
Yes - We can definitely take advantage of the current modifications done to the truck and really help it out. We can also adjust your speedometer to be correct. ( Support )
I am doing a cam swap on a 98 GMC K3500 7.4 comp cams telks me i will need a custom tune according to cam specs this truck is primarily used for towing plan to use stock fuel injection if posdible any info would be greatly appreciated ( Bob johnson, 04/18/2020 )
If you want to take full advantage of the cam swap then a custom tune will be needed to address that. We can easily do this with the specs you provide. ( Support )
I have a 1996 Chevrolet K3500 what is 7.4 454. I’m doing a full build on the motor I’ve been told that these injections systems don’t do well with these kind of upgrades. If I send y’all Parts list of what kind of cam, injectors, pistons, etc. can you tune it Perform with these upgrades ( Dyllan Hunt, 04/09/2020 )
Yes, we can do that. ( Support )
We would like to have ordered the 7.4 custom tune ,but appearantly you are out of stock at the moment.Is there any time frame when you will have more modules.I would like to send you mine but I need my vehicle.Also we would like to have had the reasonable price. Would we still get the good price when you get more control modules in stock? Thanks
Ken H
( kenneth a hiebert, 03/30/2020 )
We are currently out of clean/painted cases for the PCM's. With the shut downs due to the virus, our normal service company that does that for us is closed. If you don't mind a "dirty" PCM case then we can take care of an order for you. Please contact us directly to set that up at 800-417-4559. ( Support )
I know that my question is very reduntant but I need to ask it .I pull a trailer and want a little more tow po1wer. 1998 k 3500 454 auto 4:10 Dually..What on earth can I do to get more out of my truck..without mortgaging the house. I have been watching lots of posts and things get carried away very quickly about getting big big hp.

Gettingn very confused over nwhat to do with this information.
We are looking for extra HP/Torque to tow with our dually.ECM mod -Cam-Reworked heads TBI changes ??

Just need to know what works .I realize there is a cost for everything but a pension will only allow for so much..

Would converting to an 8.1 be of hp benefit in favour of tow power
( kenneth a hiebert, 03/07/2020 )
Best, least expensive way to get more power out of this engine is with our custom tune. All other modifications are going to be expensive, labor intensive and still not necessarily yield the same results. Another popular upgrade is changing to Bosch 4 hole injectors. ( Support )
I am doing a full engine swap from a damaged motorhome to my older motorhome. I have a 2000 7.4 engine transmission and full wire harness and ECM from one motorhome and want to put it in my 1995 motorhome. I don’t have the 2000 VIN only the VIN from my 1995. Can you tune my new 2000 ECM and will it work without the original key and ignition harness. ( Rick, 03/01/2020 )
We can tune the 2000 ECM for that engine and I'm pretty sure the ignition harness on that vehicle has no tie in with the ECM. I'm sure there are other differences that would need to be addressed but you should still be able to re-use the original key and ignition harness. ( Support )
Do you folks know of cam upgrades along with tuning that would give power upgrades on a l21 with a manual transmission ? ( Jerry weeks, 02/12/2020 )
We are unaware of any cam upgrades specifically for the L21. That said, the main internal differences between the L29 and L21 is that the L21 has forged pistons and crankshaft. You might be able to run an L29 cam, but you will need to consult an engine builder. We can tune it if you can build it :) ( Support )
Fuel pump doesn't run. I straight wired it to test it and it will run. I replaced the relay to no avail. At the relay the Orange wire is hot with 12 volts continually. The Gray, the green with white strip and the black test grounded. There is a small red wire that has never been connected to anything. The batteries are fully charged and there is 12 volts to the distributor. I sprayed starter fluid in the tbi and it fired up for a few second.
What should I try?
( Bo Walker, 02/12/2020 )
Having tried the things you already have, I am pretty confident the issue is the PCM. We’ve seen a few 1996-1997 PCM’s with this issue. ( Support )
Is it worth tuning a black box or worth changing to 411, I have headers ,cat delete, 19.5 five 0 injectors, and Pulling cam swap. I have the 411. ( Kenneth, 12/30/2019 )
We tune the original black box PCM but do not do the 411 swap. ( Support )
Sorry I don’t have the VIN, the truck is not local, I have a 1998 2500 7.4 Vortec GMC Suburban. As I understand it I do not have the newer 0411 ECM and these have better processing power but need to be repinned. Is it possible to get the newer 0411 with your tune for my truck. ( Jim, 12/26/2019 )
Unfortunately this is not something that we offer. ( Support )
I have a 2000 GMC school bus with the L21 7400 motor. Can you reprogram and net me the same HP & TQ numbers as the L29?
I'm of the opinion that your upgrade would be smarter than the carb, intake, cam, and distributor mods.
( Lyle, 12/18/2019 )
Yes, we can tune your L21 for similar gains as with the L29. We do not, however, have core PCM's for this engine so you would have to send your PCM in for the flash. ( Support )
So I have a 98 K3500 with the 7.4L and I use it mainly for hauling, but I have began to daily it. I have a few questions so bear with me here. Are the tunes generic or do you change different things for different people? I am considering doing an EGR delete and I wasn't sure if this would accommodate that or if it will still throw a check engine light. You claim 40-55hp gains is that something that I will notice drastically or is it more of a subtle power increase? Thank you. ( Corey Wright, 12/18/2019 )
The tuning is custom to each vehicle depending on calibrations, modifications and any special requests. It is quite a noticeable difference! ( Support )
I have few questions for k3500 7.4l 1999 first the 45 to 50 hp gains is that on 87octane gas?

The next question could you custom tune ecm for turbo or supercharger with low boost application? And a 5 spd swap?

( James Sinclair, 12/12/2019 )
Yes, all gains listed are with 87 octane gas. We don't however specialize in forced induction applications so we would not be able to help you with that. ( Support )
My question is you claim 40-55 hp gain on the 7.4l , and all the other tuners on the internet only claim 20-25hp gain, will I really see 40-55hp gain with stock engine, exhaust, and air filter? Also how much benefit do you think I would gain by going aftermarket catback exhaust.

Michael Moore
( michael moore, 11/29/2019 )
Our tuning is based off of extensive dyno testing of RV's, and while results may vary, our gains are generally higher than others due to our expertise in the tuning of the L29 7.4L. ( Support )
Alright Jay! How much will the customization cost me? ( 11/05/2019 )

It is $495 if your sending your core/pcm in first. Feel free to call me with your vin # handy if you would like to get your order in.  800-417-4559 Jay

( Support )
My car is GMC pick-up 7.4L 1998. it is manual transmission. It is not 4x4.

I do have a questions.. Can I send my original PCM to you to customize it and send it back to me?

( 11/03/2019 )

If it is a 1998 then yes you can. If you send it to us you avoid paying the core charge. We would reprogram yours and put it in a new case so it looks nice! If you would like to place your order feel free to give me a call at 800-417-4559. My tech who does the programming is out of town this week so it would get done first thing next week if you wanted to go ahead with it.


( Support )
Hello there,

My car is GMC pick-up 7.4L 1998. it is manual transmission. It is not 4x4.

I do have two questions..

1- Does this product work with a manual transmission?

2- My car is stock, will this product work on it OR I have to customs my engine first?

( Ali, 10/29/2019 )
Yes, we can tune your engine for more power, doesn't matter what type of transmission. This is perfect for an otherwise stock engine as the gains are the best bang for the buck by far. ( Support )
Would this work on 1996 7.4L L29? Is it not the same motor from 96 to 2001. If it does work what would do for pulling and climbing hills? Thanks ( Le Fannin, 10/09/2019 )
We've had a lot of issues with 1996 & 1997 PCM's so for the moment we are not tuning those. ( Support )
98 Single Rear Wheel 3500 7.4 Vortec. Will this correct my RPM gauge issue? Warmed up at idle the gauge is reading 1200RPM then put it into drive holding the brake and it’s reading about 1000RPM. I’m also trying to get more out of this engine without tearing into it so I was just hoping this fixed my gauge as well. Also I want to send you guys mine as core but I wanted to get yours first so I’m not without my truck and if something goes wrong I can plug my factory one back in, so can I wait to send mine till after I get yours? ( Dalen Hale, 10/07/2019 )
The issue with your tachometer would only be fixed if there is an actual issue with your PCM. Is it actually running at that RPM or just showing that? Have you plugged an OBD2 reader into the truck to see what it is displaying for RPM? You can definitely hold on to your PCM, that is not an issue. ( Support )
If I order a ecm reprogram will this fix my speedometer error too??

Engine in a 2001 flair 30 H
2000 chassie
( Don W, 09/05/2019 )
We can adjust for speedometer error. We would just need to know the tire size you are running and if the rear gear ratio was ever changed from factory. I list that this RV was originally equipped with a 4.63 rear gear ratio and a tire size of 225/70R19.5. ( Support )
I'm is Arizona and I'm planning a trip this month after Bonneville, to Aberdeen, home town, and Centralia, still have relatives there.

Could I stop by and get my ecu reprogrammed and wait for it??

( Ted Rich, 08/31/2019 )
Yes that would be fine, you would just need to call in to our service department and schedule a date :) ( Support )
I have 2000 Itasca, 30 foot Class A motor home with a high mileage engine, will the ECM performance reprogramming, short the life of my engine? At this point the engine run well, with no code problems.
I pull a 5000# trailer most of the time, it really bogs down on hills. At what RPM is the ECM tuned for maximum performance. How do I pay for exchange? what is the turn around time?
Thank You.
Jim Carroll
( Jim Carroll, 08/14/2019 )
We have no issues with tuning a higher mileage engine as long as it is in good running condition. We include a data recorder with the ECM for your to record engine data and send to us to verify all engine systems are running efficiently. With our tuning, peak horsepower is at about 3500 RPM and peak torque is about 2500 RPM. You can either pay $100 for the core and then be refunded when we receive back yours or you can send in your ECM for reprogram. Turn around time is 1-2 business days. ( Support )
1999 Crew cab dually, 454 vortec, AUTOMATIC. Are there any gains to be had by programing and adding headers to my truck? This thing is weak as water. ( Steve, 07/31/2019 )
Yessir! The tuning alone will be the single biggest change you can make to improve power and throttle response. Short tube headers won't do anything for you but long tube headers would he beneficial. ( Support )
I have a 1998 Winnebago Brave on a p30 chassis with the 7.4 with a Banks Power Pack. Would the retuned ECM provide any performance gains above what are present now? Thanks ( Rory Livingston , 07/17/2019 )
Yes it would, the Banks PowerPack is helping the engine breathe better but the computer is not doing anything to take full advantage of it. Even stock we see impressive gains but even more so with the Banks PowerPack installed. ( Support )
Yes, you will still pass emissions as long as you don't tamper with the existing emissions systems. ( Support )
1996 c3500 dually 7.4 with 5 speed. Would you be able to tune this on a new computer so I can keep the original? What type of gains could I expect with a tune for this? ( Luke, 06/03/2019 )
If you choose the core option we will program an ECM here and ship to you. You will gain approximately 35-40 horsepower and 45 lb-ft torque.  ( Support )
I’m interested to know if you change the shift points or anything like that cause I have a shift kit in the transmission already. ( 06/02/2019 )
Yes we modify the shift patterns to hold the upper gears longer, your shift kit would not interfere or cause issues.  ( Support )
Hello I have 2000 GMC k3500 Truck. I do some pulling but mainly driving with this truck I have a factory y pipe with no cats and dual 3 inch flowmaster mufflers. And a k and n filter. Truck runs great doesn’t miss or anything just seems to not really have any power at all in 1st gear and alittle more in second gear. I heard these trucks have a torque management system does this computer give my truck back all it’s power? and will it improve my over all power? ( Beau , 05/26/2019 )
Yes you are correct that there is torque management which "pulls" back power when taking off from a stop. We modify this so that it is still "safe" but definitely wakes the truck up. This is only 1 of the many changes that we make with our programming to achieve great power gains. ( Support )
Do you have any videos of how to locate and remove my ECM? I have a 1999 Fleetwood Flair with a 7.4 Workhorse. ( Keith Sanders, 04/19/2019 )
No videos but your ECM is fairly easy to identify and replace. It is located on top of the radiator support and has 4 connectors going into the back of it. ( Support )
I am ready to pull the trigger if I continue to run 87 octane fuel. Also I have Thorley tri Y hearers on mine will that effect the tune? ( John Dohner, 03/16/2019 )
Yes, we tune for 87 octane unless a higher octane is requested.  ( Support )
I am considering your tune for my motorhome. I am upgrading the fuel injectors with the new Bosch III's and the plugs and wires. Later i want to install the banks PPB 49070 package on this motorhome next year. So if I have your tune done what is the turn around time sending my PCM to you? I plan on the injector and ignition work done in march. I plan on a couple of cross country trips this summer before the Banks PPB install, so, should I wait for the tune until after the Banks install or do the tune this year? Thanks ( stephen mills, 02/25/2019 )
If you send us your PCM, our turn around is usually 1-2 days. We can do the tune now with the Banks kit taken into consideration for down the road. It won't hurt anything to run like that. ( Support )
Is it possible to upgrade the ECM on my 1994 Fleetwood Southwind Storm 454 TBI w/4L80E trans? Engine is in stock configuration with no upgrades. I have replaced a lot of parts as preventive maintenance though such as...

MAP Sensor
Idle air control valve
Idle air control solenoid
Purge valve
Upper/lower radiator hoses
By-pass hose
Distributor cap & rotor
Ignition control module
Ignition switch
Aux. fan motor
DRAC module
Aux. fan relay
Spark plug wires
Spark plugs
( Jim Floyd, 01/02/2019 )
We do not go further back than 1996 (OBD2) modules, sorry. ( Support )
Following up from previous question, here is the VIN 1GDG6H1BXYJ907917 and #s off the ECM, 09384681, sev. no. 16238212. Other #s not sure what they are if theyre useful, 86DAFMM0017433PS, HDW # 16239740 ( Nick, 10/13/2018 )
For this one, I would want you to send your PCM into us to be done. ( Support )
I have a uhaul topkick with the 7.4. Can you guys tune that ecm? If not can a non uhaul ecm be used (ie plugged into the current harness)? ( Nick, 10/09/2018 )
I would think that u-haul did not use their own ECM. If you can supply me with your VIN and any part #'s that are on the ECM I can do some research. ( Support )
I called Banks Power last week to try and find out what they recommend. They said they no longer support my RV and had no parts available. What are your recommendations??

Thank you for the help,

Greg Meierhoff 909-435-5063
( Greg Meierhoff, 07/29/2018 )
The P12 was only available for 1 or 2 years so there wasn't enough demand to continue producing products for it. We CAN tune the engine computer with our UltraPower tuning to get more performance but we MUST have you send your PCM in to us for programming as it has a unique PCM that we don't have cores for. ( Support )
I have a 1996 Winnebago with a P30 chassis and a 454 75,000 miles and runs great. I was thinking about removing the catalytic converter and was wondering if your reflash will delete the "check engine" light that will probably occur when I cut it off?

( Greg Couch, 03/14/2018 )
Just make sure to include that information in the order comments and we can make that happen for you :) ( Support )
Reference core exchange, what is the time limit for you to receive the exchange? ( John Elliott, 03/13/2018 )
We do not have a hard and fast rule on core returns for the UltraPower programming ECM's as long as it is in reason.  ( Support )
I have a 2000 7.4 with a bigger cam cold air kit dual exhaust better mass air flow senser and roller tip rockers can u tune that as well or do you just do stock stuff ( Jeremy, 01/21/2018 )


We can tune stock or modified, not a problem.

( Support )
I have a 99 k 3500 Chevy 1 ton with 454 5 speed.will your computer tune work in my truck and can I expect 40+hp gain? I use the truck for towing and it is quite weak ( Chris, 12/28/2017 )
Yes our tuning does work for trucks as well. Gains will be on par with what we achieve with the RV's so it will very well suited for towing. ( Support )
If this ecm has to be reprogrammed in the future do I go to GM Dealer or have to send back to you?? And what is the final cost of your ECM ( Jerry Cable, 05/20/2017 )

Hi Jerry,

Our tuning is custom to your vehicle so if you ever did have a dealer flash the computer it would wipe out the performance settings and revert to stock. There should be no reason to ever need to reprogrammed in the future and if you needed a replacement PCM we can take care of that for you. Cost is $395 plus a $175 core charge which is refundable.

( Support )
I am considering some performance upgrades to my 2000 Winnebago Brave with the 7.4 liter engine. I would like the biggest bang for the $. Dollar for Dollar, it is highly unlikely that the $2400 for a full blown Banks Power Package would yield the same cost/benefit as say the addition of the UltraPower GM / Workhorse 7.4L (454) Custom Tuning module. I assume the module is a pre-programmed ECM chip that replaces the stock ECM chip. Can I reprogram on the fly as conditions change and performance needs warrant a change?? Or is it what get is all you get? Give me some idea as to what this product does exactly, and how I will benefit from spending $$ on it.

If it is not a driver-programmable module, do you offer a product and which product is better for my application (programmable/non-programmable) as I am planning a cross county trip that will take me over the Rockies and back again?

Thank you for any assistance.
( Arnie Bertsche, 03/22/2017 )


I am of the same opinion that the UltraPower programming is going to be by far your best "bang for the buck". It is a re-programmed ECM, either you send yours in or we send you one on a core exchange. We set it for the best performance in all conditions, it is not user adjustable. Gasoline engines do not require different settings for different conditions like a diesel engine does. We gain on average 45-50 horsepower and 50 ft. lb. torque so it will definitely be able to hold the upper gears better when hill climbing and have improved acceleration.

( Support )

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