8805-1018 - FRONT Ford F53 '88-Current / Tiffin Allegro Breeze '10-'12 / Entegra Aspire I-Beam (Koni FSD)

On SALE! 8805-1018  -  FRONT Ford F53 '88-Current / Tiffin Allegro Breeze '10-'12 / Entegra Aspire I-Beam (Koni FSD)


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Koni 8805 1018


Koni Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) shock absorbers provide superior handling characteristics without compromising ride comfort. The FSD is firm where you need it, such as through corners, but rides soft over expansion joints and rough roads. A special valve filters out annoying vibrations before they enter the vehicle, resulting in a smooth ride over a variety of road surfaces.


  • Ford F53 Front (1988-Current)
  • Tiffin Allegro Breeze Front (2010-2012)
  • Spartan I-Beam Reyco 1600 Front (Entegra Aspire)
  • Entegra Aspire Meritor 16K Axle

Collapsed LengthExtended LengthUpper MountLower Mount
28.82"Eye 3/4"Eye 3/4"
will these shocks fit 2019 Tiffin open road 32SA 24000 ( William Green, 04/18/2024 )
As long as it's on the Ford F53 Class A chassis, yes they will. ( Support )
Good Morning,
I am looking to get the front and rear shocks for my rv (8805 1018 ;1019 correct?) this Rv is new to me and but shocks on it are Bilstein's, original , i don't know. will the shocks improve the 'pushing' and 'swaying' i get when anything passes me? it just seems to be all over the road. mechanic checked front end and said it was solid but the shocks needed replacing. will the shocks give me better control? thanks
( Scott Clack, 06/29/2023 )

Good Morning, The Koni shocks ( 8805-1018's and 1019's ) will help the ride quality and help reduce the swaying, however they will not solve the entire handling concerns . I would take a look at our "Stage 3" suspension "kit"  , I would recommend at least a rear Auxillary swaybar and a rear trac-bar to help reduce the pushing and swaying. The Safe-t-plus steering control is also good to help with wander and rut tracking, as well as providing blow-out protection. 


You can pick and choose the products from that list , you can also give us a call at 800-417-4559 and ask for Ken to go over the handling and solutions. 

( Support )
Will these shocks fit my 2011 tiffin allegro open road? Ford chassis I believe. Thanks ( Scott webster, 06/03/2023 )
Yes, they will fit your Ford F53 chassis. ( Support )
I own a 2019 Thor Hurricane 29M on an F53. Can I install Koni Shocks on just the front to improve the ride?
( JIm Hathaway, 04/11/2023 )
Hi Jim, you can install Koni's on just the front to improve the ride, they will give as much ride quality as the leaf spring suspension can provide. Tire inflation is another area to address , we recommend having the vehicle weighed on all 4 corners and using the tire manufacturers inflation charts ( available for most major brand tires online) .   ( Support )
Is this the Best Koni shock for my RV Are there different grades? ( Ron Aho, 05/29/2022 )
That is the best Koni shock for your application , there are no other Koni #'s for that .  ( Support )
What shock product number do I need for a 2011 Fleetwood Storm 32 BH? Thank you! ( Brooks Tipton, 05/03/2022 )
Hello Brooks, If you can provide the chassis VIN, we can check on that application.  ( Support )
I have Sumo springs front and rear around my 2007 day on daybreak. Will upgrading to theses koni shocks make any difference in ride quality? ( Brent Davis, 02/21/2021 )
The Koni FSD shocks will dampen the ride quite a bit better compared to a gas charged shock. You would most certainly see an improvement in ride quality. ( Support )
KONI SHOCK #8805-1018 is out of stock. Can I get notified when they are back in stock to place my order?? The site wouldn't allow be to order. ( Rick Weger, 01/14/2021 )
Please send an email to help@urvp.com or a text to 360-736-2158 asking to be put on the waiting list for that part # and we will contact you when they are back in stock. ( Support )
Will the 8805's provide much benefit over the factory shocks with Timbren's installed front and rear? ( Kevin E Poindexter, 10/12/2020 )
The Timbren's will add resistance to the suspension collapsing, so that would make your ride much more firm. The Koni shocks are aimed at making the ride softer, so if you already have Timbren's and have a gas charged shocks, I would imagine that the ride is pretty firm for sure. If you were to replace the gas charged shock with a Koni it would take some of that harshness away and give a little more control of the suspension. Your VIN calls for the 8805-1018 for the front and 8805-1019 for the rear. ( Support )
What are the koni shocks that upgrade my 2019 Tiffin 33AA and how much are they. ( gregory wilson, 07/27/2020 )
Not answered yet.
What is the correct # for front shocks on a 2019 Thor 32.1 F53 V10 ( JB Williamson, 11/25/2019 )
All Ford F53's use the Koni 8805-1018 for the front axle. ( Support )
2014 Entegra Aspire, is this the best fit for my coach (front) ( Larry Carpenter, 11/06/2019 )
Your VIN calls for 99b-3209 for the front ad 8805-1009 for the drive axle. The tag does not have a number listed, but most all Spartan chassis use 8805-1013 for the tags. ( Support )
2018 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 34PA, Ford F-53 26,000lb chassis

Interested in Koni Shocks for my motorhome but am unsure of the correct part numbers for front and rear.

Thanks for your help.
( Don Morrisey, 10/24/2019 )
8805-1018 front and 8805-1019 rear are the correct part #s for all F53’s with the V10 engine.  ( Support )
I have a 2017 Tiffin Allergo Open Road 31ma which Koni front and rear shocks fit my RV?

( John Hughes, 04/22/2019 )
Front: 8805-1018 and Rear: 8805-1019 ( Support )
Can you verify that Koni Shock 8805-1018 is the correct shock for the front of the coach prior to my ordering please.

Also, is this the stiffest or most heavy duty shock that Koni make for the front of this coach?

Thank you
( Jerry Evans, 01/10/2019 )
We checked your VIN and show the correct Koni shock is part # 99B-3209. This is the EVO shock which is Koni's most heavy duty shock available. ( Support )
I recently bought my Koni shocks 8805-1018 for my 2011 Ford F53 chassis motorhome and there were no instructions in the box. What is the right torque when installing these shocks? Fronts only. ( Richard Pena, 08/07/2018 )
200-250 ft. lb.'s will be sufficient. ( Support )
are the koni shocks manually adjustable or internally ride control valve adjusted ( DENNIS MARBURY, 11/17/2016 )


These shocks have Frequency Selective Damping (FSD). There are no manual adjustments on these shocks. The FSD shock is firm for contorl over large bumps and corners but has a special valve that filters out annoying vibrations before they enter the coach. The result is an incredibly smooth ride, with plenty of shock left to control pitching and swaying.

( Support )
Rear shocks for that application would be 8805-1019 ( Support )
I have a 2001 Airstream Land Yacht 30. The running gear is GM Workhorse P32. Do you have a shock that will fit this combination? ( Neil Archer, 09/18/2016 )

Hi Neil,

Yes the Koni 8805-1006 is the front shock and 8805-1007 is the rear for your P32 chassis.

( Support )

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