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UPFORD  -  Ford V10 Ultra RV Tune


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Part# UPFORD - V10 Power Upgrade


UltraPower Custom Tuning is hands down the most cost effective and noticeable performance modification you can make to your Ford 6.8L V10 powered RV. From the factory, the V10 engine's power is de-tuned and the constant transmission shifting is annoying. One of the most noticeable differences from stock will be the elimination of instant downshifts that occur at even the slightest of hills. Your RV will now be able to maintain higher gears without the unnecessary screaming of the engine! This alone makes a great deal of difference in driving comfort. Throttle response is greatly improved and merging onto the freeway will be much less stressful. If even more power is desired, UltraPower Custom Tuning works very well in conjunction with aftermarket exhaust and air intake, such as the Banks PowerPack.


  • 1997-2019 Ford 6.8L V10 Engine
  • Tailored specifically to RV's
  • Ford F53
  • Ford E-Series SuperDuty: E-250, E-350, E-450
  • Ford F-Series SuperDuty: F250, F350, F450, F550

UltraPower Benefits:

  • 1997-2005 2v V10 Gains of 43 HP and 47 ft-lb Torque
  • 2006-Current 2v V10 Gains of 43 HP and 47 ft-lb Torque (E-Series) 
  • 2006-2015 3v V10 Gains of 52 HP and 61 ft-lb Torque
  • 2016+ 3v V10 Gains of 56 HP and 73 ft-lb Torque
  • Gains of up to 1/2 MPG (Not Guaranteed)
  • Drastically reduces annoying downshifts at slightest grade
  • Maintains speeds and higher gears longer when climbing hills, even in cruise control

SCT X4 Benefits:

  • Stock file is saved and can be reloaded at anytime
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes
  • Displays numerous real-time engine and transmission data in custom layouts
  • Data logs engine and transmission data for later review
  • Transferable to other Ford vehicles once original vehicle is returned to stock. If you buy a new Ford chassis motor home you can reuse the device and only have to pay for the new custom program.


While some tuners rely on "preloaded" tune files, all of our tunes are tailored specifically to YOUR RV. Because of this, there are a few more steps involved in order to truly custom program your RV. Once purchased, we will send you a blank SCT X4 device so that you can plug in to the vehicles OBD2 port and provide us with the "Strategy Code." This is the personal identification code assigned to your vehicle by Ford. We use this exact template to maximize gains and ensure no vehicle issues once programmed. If you aren't comfortable with using a computer, our tech's are more than happy to assist over the phone and via remote connection provided by www.teamviewer.com. *Please note that the software required is only compatible with PC. *

Hi I have a 2014 Ford e350 class c rv just wanted to make sure it will fix thank you ( Chris, 08/01/2019 )
Yes it will! ( Support )
I have a 2014 Forest River FR3 30DS class A and was about to buy the 5 Star tuner. what is different about your tune? ( adam harris, 07/24/2019 )
Both 5 Star and us use the same hardware (SCT) but our tuning calibrations are of our own creation. From what I understand, 5 Star does not do much to increase power throughout the RPM range, only at wide open throttle. They do not map the ignition timing or fuel tables, which we do. All of our tunes are custom to the vehicle whereas their's are pre-loaded to work on a range of vehicles. With either ours or theirs, you will experience better shift points. ( Support )
I'm in the process of purchasing a new 2018 RV that has a Ford Triton V10 engine. Will "tuning" the engine with this device/software void the Ford factory warranty? If I need to take the RV into a Ford service center, do I need to return it to "stock" before taking the RV in for service? Would it be better to wait until the engine is no longer under warranty by Ford before utilizing this device? I would really like to get the benefits of this device without having to wait for the Ford factory warranty to expire. BTW, I live in a state that has NO vehicle emissions inspection requirement. Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions you can provide. ( Todd, 07/07/2019 )

No it will not automatically void your Ford warranty. First of all, when you tune your vehicle, the SCT Tuner stores the stock file onto the device. When you are going to go in for Warranty work, you can return the computer to stock settings. The SCT tuner, unlike other brands, leaves absolutely no footprint in the PCM history. In order to deny any warranty repair the dealership has to prove without a doubt that the Programmer was the cause of the damage. We can thank the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act for this.

If you are overly concerned with this topic, talk to your dealer. Ultimately they are the ones that will make the decision.

( Support )
My husband and I are elderly and we are wondering how hard is it to install this on our 2016 thor 31W RV? If we bought it, and could not figure it out, would we be able to return it for full amount of purchase. ( Judy Lawrence, 07/06/2019 )
We offer the option of receiving the device, plugging it in and simply going to a screen that shows the VIN and Strategy code, writing the Strategy code down and then mailing us the device back (choose the option for including a return label) and we will do all the steps that require a computer. Once we load the tune and mail the device back, you will simply plug it back into the vehicle and load the tune which is very basic and easy to do, even without any computer skills. ( Support )
Our 2000 tropical f53 motorhome v-10 has a banks Trans Command which I installed 16 years ago and I am wondering if I should remove it if I go with your Ultra device, by the way a friend install one and left for Alaska and called and said that is doing what it says it would. ( Buck Sloan, 06/26/2019 )
The Transcommand would be interfere with our tuning as we make changes to the transmission that would cause it to shift too firm with the Transcommand installed. We recommend uninstalling the Transcommand prior to loading our custom tune. ( Support )
If a buddy already has a sct tuner can I use it and buy a tune from you and it work? ( Kevin, 06/19/2019 )
As long as the previous vehicle was returned to stock, and the device shows that it is not married, you can use that device. Here is a link to purchasing just an e-mail tune: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Ford-V10-UltraPower-Tune-Only ( Support )
How do you go back to stock tuning if you were to sell your motor home? ( Murray Rabalais, 06/09/2019 )
Once you’ve programmed the ECM with our tune, it creates a new option when you next go to program it, which is the return to stock function. It will load the previously saved stock file and unmarry the device from the vehicle.  ( Support )
It's our understanding that by paying the return postage cost back to you that the final product you ship to us will have all of the correct information loaded into it. If we're correct, then we can skip the down loading process? We're working with a 2019 Four Winds 31W coach and aren't overly impressed with the performance. We are "old school"; change the distributor advance spring and a high performance electronic ignition module and hang on!! Any improvement from stock would be welcomed.
David L. Cavin
( David L. Cavin, 05/17/2019 )
That is correct, if you choose to include a return label then all you have to do is get us the strategy code, send the device back and we will load the tune file. From there, all you have to d when you receive it back is to plug it into the vehicle and load the tune. ( Support )
I have a 2008 Georgie Boy Pursuit with Ford V10. I am in the UK and the RV is converted to run on duel fuel LPG and petrol. Will thus upgrade still work? ( David Steward, 05/07/2019 )
We don't have any experience tuning for LPG but we could still do the transmission shifting changes. ( Support )
Do you have a Canadian agent so there is not a shipping issue/fee ( MISHA N. TARASOFF, 04/12/2019 )
I'm sorry but we do not. ( Support )
I have a 2000 F250 V10 and putting on a set of headers on it with NO EGR. Does this tune allow for EGR delete given this vehicle is not a California used vehicle? ( Guy Faucher, 04/10/2019 )
Sorry, no we are not able to do any sort of emissions modifications. ( Support )
My only issue is the down shirt protocol while in cruise control. The double down shift under load is the issue. Does your software change this protocol or is the improved shifting do to the increase in power? I currently do not use cruise In the hills or mountains because the constant throttle method gives a nice down shift and avoids the 4000+ rpm.

Thank you,

( Robert Berghuis, 04/05/2019 )
The cruise control downshifting is addressed as well as we can. There is only so much that can be done as cruise control's job is to maintain a set speed and Ford does not allow it to be adjusted beyond a certain point. For this reason, it is not advisable to use cruise in the mountains but you will now be able to to use it on more moderate hills/inclines without the instant downshifting. ( Support )
Will I be required to use premium fuel with this unit? ( Jim, 04/04/2019 )
No, 87 octane. ( Support )
I have a FR3 30DS, towing a 2d Jeep Wrangler. when I get this program installed, will I still but the transmission in "tow mode" ( Grady, 03/19/2019 )
If you want the transmission assisted braking going downhill then you will want to put it in tow/haul. As for normal driving, you can play around with both modes to see which you prefer. ( Support )
do you have products for this class-c? ( THOMAS Dunlavey, 03/14/2019 )
Yes our UPFORD programmer will work on your 1999 E-250. ( Support )
You would purchase this product, UPFORD. We will program it specifically to your vehicle after you receive it and give us the strategy code. The vehicle can be returned to stock settings at any time. ( Support )
I have a scanner for my Ford, can I get the info you need for the program from my scanner? ( ALLEN R Harms, 03/01/2019 )
Unfortunately most OBD2 scan tools will not display the strategy code unless they are a high end unit. ( Support )
Is there any additional cost for the initial PC programming? ( Pete, 02/19/2019 )
No, the listed price includes both the handheld device and 1 custom tune file. ( Support )
I already have an SCT controller, can I buy the tune from you and how much would it be? ( Joshua Petersen, 02/17/2019 )
Yes we can do that. Please contact us directly for pricing. ( Support )
Your write up says PC compatible only, hence assume this means no version available for Apple products - iMac, MacBookAir, or iPAD. ( Aaron, 02/09/2019 )
Unfortunately that is correct. You would have to use a PC to install the software. ( Support )
1. Can this be sold/installed in California?

2. Who would one use to program the devise? A Ford dealer? An RV repair shop?
( Wayne, 02/08/2019 )

The SCT X4 comes with pre-loaded tunes for many Ford vehicles, such as Mustangs, F-150's and Powerstrokes. The devices have a warning that they are not for use in California but that is simply because these pre-loaded tunes for other vehicles are not emissions compliant with California laws. We do not use these pre-loaded tunes for RV's so what we are loading into your engine computer is custom to the vehicle and will pass California emissions tests. 

Most folks can load the tuning themselves or have a friend help. It only requires a Windows computer and an internet connection to download the tune. No special tools or mechanical abilities are necessary.

( Support )
Will performance chip work for 2019 Ford V10? ( DAN SEID, 01/28/2019 )
Yes it will.  ( Support )
What data does this device allow you to access while driving? Can you see temps of oil, tranny,water? Does it provide mpg? Thanks ( Rick, 01/14/2019 )
It varies depending on year but typically it will display engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, RPM, intake air temperature, engine load, long & short term fuel trims, mass air flow, spark advance, transmission temperature, throttle position and vehicle speed. Some vehicles may offer more or less but this is typical. It does not do MPG readings, I recommend the ScanGauge2 for monitoring. ( Support )
I have a 2013 ford f450 with a 6.8 engine.i really am looking for a tune that will delete the catalytic convertor and cut light off.i am in a non emission state so we delete it here ( WILLIAM HIMES, 01/14/2019 )
We aren't able to help you with this, we don't make any changes in regards to emission systems. ( Support )
I recently purchased a 2019 Entegra Vision 29S RV equipped with the Ford V10 Engine. Will this device affect the Ford Warranty? ( Jon Dunn, 01/08/2019 )

Ultra RV is committed to providing quality custom tuning that is safe to use. Our custom tuning does not cause damage to a vehicle when used as intended and should not void your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. However, the reality is that many dealerships have been known to improperly void warranties on vehicles that use aftermarket products as a matter of policy. This applies to those aftermarket products that produce horsepower, such as performance enhancement “chips,” modified intake manifolds, or aftermarket exhaust systems, regardless of product brand.

Consumers of aftermarket products are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act provides that if something breaks on your vehicle and you take it in for warranty repair, the dealer must honor your warranty unless whatever modifications you have added to your vehicle directly caused the problem in question.

In order to understand your rights under the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, please see below excerpt.

When accessorizing your vehicle with aftermarket parts, your warranty claim cannot be automatically denied, nor can your warranty be voided, if you install non-OEM parts in your vehicle. The burden is on the dealer to prove the aftermarket parts caused the failure. For example, if your windshield wiper motors fail, your vehicle’s warranty claim can’t be denied because you installed aftermarket performance programmer, tuner, chip, etc. Similarly, if a wheel bearing fails or a fan belt snaps and you have an aftermarket exhaust installed, the dealership would have to prove the exhaust system caused the bearing failure or the belt to snap in order to deny a warranty claim. In these types of scenarios, the dealership should have no reason to deny your claims.

In addition to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you also have SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) working to protect your rights. Because SEMA represents U.S. aftermarket wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers, they often keep car manufacturers in check by supporting legislation that prevents dealership service providers from denying warranty coverage. This means dealerships have become less stringent when it comes to aftermarket parts that modify performance or suspension.

( Support )
Average mpg is 8 for the last 2 years. Approximately what will be the improvement in mpg with this controller?

( KEN BURNS, 12/27/2018 )
We can only promise improved power and shifting. Most times there is a gain in MPG but it's such a variable in RV's that we can't tell you that you will. ( Support )
With this turner, can you manually shift all 6 gears? For example, can you hold the tranny in 5th while towing. ( Al, 12/24/2018 )
Unfortunately we do not have a way to manually control all 6 gears. We can promise that it will hang in each gear a lot longer than with stock programming. ( Support )
1) Does this have an adverse effect on emissions? In other words, are you "Pulling a Volkswagon?"
2) My primary need is fuel efficiency. Don't need more power. Can you taylor a program to conserve fuel by (a) allowing slight slowdown on climbs and (b) allowing slight speedup before engine braking on descents?
( Geoff Wilson, 10/12/2018 )

1.) We have not had any issues with our customers (even CA customers) passing emissions testing. We DO recommend returning the PCM to stock just to be sure as it's a quick, simple process.

2.) We can't guarantee fuel mileage improvement on an RV. We can guarantee much improved shifting performance and power. The things you are asking about would not really be a programming feature, you'd have to still control those things with your right foot ;)

( Support )
are the improvements noticeable with the stock air intake and a stock headers / exhausted. Will you ship to CA. Do I need to have a mechanic install this program ?

Thank you,
( Fred, 09/30/2018 )
Fred, the improvements are very noticeable with all the factory components installed. We do recommend the Banks headers to get the most out of the engine, but not needed for a great power gain from just the programming. ( Support )
Just purchased a 2018 Forest River Sunseeker RV Ford E450 and V10 engine. What performance options are available for this unit. I`ve only driven a few hundred miles and am not impressed by the stock unit. Also are there any monitors available for engine read outs including fuel consumption? ( Jack S Williams ? , 09/13/2018 )
We recommend our UltraPower Custom Tuning  ( Support )
How much on the average will this improve my mileage? ( Steven Andrews , 09/07/2018 )
While we don't guarantee any fuel mileage increase, most of our customers will see a slight improvement. I wouldn't say much more than maybe 1/2 MPG increase. ( Support )
Is the Ford V-10 ultra power custom turner legal in Ca.? ( Bobby Guthmiler, 09/03/2018 )
Technically this is not legal in California. They do not like any changes AT ALL. However, regardless of where you live, you can return to stock, or load the custom tune anytime you want. ( Support )
Reading your published info and notice a reference to needing a PC.. Is this correct? I only use MacBook or iMac systems and do not have access to a PC Windows based system. ( Michael , 08/20/2018 )
Yes a PC is required. ( Support )
I have a 97 FORD E-SUPER DUTY cut-a-way 6.8 V10.

Frist will this tuner work on my RV?

What gains would I see in hp and torque?

Second what else do I need to install to get the max out of the motor safely?

We have 4.63 gear but it is gutless on hills... and we want to pull a small trailer but with way it is now it would be imposable to go over 40 in the hills
( Steven Tice, 08/06/2018 )

Yes our tuner will work on any V10, you just have an early one :)

The gains on your engine would be approximately 43 horsepower and 47 ft-lb torque.

Really the only other modifications you can make would be the Banks TorqueTubes and exhaust.

( Support )
We are looking at your performance chip for our 2016 Class C Forester with a V-10 engine. the problem has been there since we purchased the unit new. under increased throttle applications the engine downshifts and the engine surges and very slugging. We are presently on a road trip in British Columbia Canada and in the mountains its really bad. My question is will your performance chip help correct this problem hope to hear from you asap before we head back to Ontario at the end of August. ( Harvey Brillant, 07/29/2018 )
Our UltraPower Custom Tuning will help quite a bit with your complaints. Not only will it have more power to climb the hills but it will shift more intuitively and not downshift nearly as often on grades. ( Support )
I have a 2018 f450 with 6.8 liter v10. Will this tuner allow me to remove the top speed limiter? ( Chris Alderson, 07/20/2018 )
Yes we can modify the limiter. ( Support )
I have a question about this item is this suitebel for Ford Excursion 2001 mod. 6,8l V 10 313 hp
And is it posible to use this to tuning of the engine.
I red one place that this engine could be put up to 350 hp.
( Henning Bendixen-Berge, 07/09/2018 )
Yes we can tune the Excursion. Gains will be about what you are looking for :) ( Support )
Is this similar to what 5-Star provides? If it is, what are the differences? ( George Shyavitz, 05/05/2018 )
5-Star Tuning uses the same tuning platform, SCT, but we both write our own custom tunes. We both fix a lot of the common issues that people complain about with engine and transmission so you really can't go wrong with either of us :) ( Support )
Will this work on my motorhome and is it ligal in california? ( Leroy caldwell, 04/12/2018 )
Yes this product will work for your 2006 Ford F53 V10. We are not "legal" in California but the vehicle can easily be returned to stock for smogging purposes. We have also never had anyone fail smog with the program installed. ( Support )
I have a scan guage attached and I love it. Now with your unit does it have to be attached all the time and if so will it show my mpg, average mpg, rpm, voltage and all that ( John D Maag, 03/10/2018 )
No it does not need to be plugged in all the time. Once you have programmed the vehicle you can unplug and use the ScanGauge just like normal. The SCT X4 device does offer data monitoring but it is not as “simple” to use as the ScanGauge.  ( Support )
Hi: This is our first venture into a class a motorhome. I have always used a tuner in previous class c M/H one a 7.3 2002 and the second a v-10 2011 two valve. The first was a5 star tuner and the second banks. I agree with your comment that the 5 star was better than banks. So my question is as I still have the banks tuner and you said you use the same type thus can you send me the program once I send all info required etc via computer which I can upload to my programmer. This would avoid a lot of issues as I am in canada thus being much easier for me. This would be after payment for your custom tune to my specific unit. I can go and get the vin and anything else you need to start the process if this will work. Thanks Blair ( Blair Bourchier, 02/26/2018 )
Not answered yet.
I have a 2017 F550 with the 6.8 v10 and 6 speed auto and I am looking to get more towing power. Will the performance tune you have work just as well on my truck as an RV? ( Ryan, 01/15/2018 )
Yes our tuning will work very well on any 6.8L V10's, no matter what application they are in. Gains will be on par with what we achieve from the RV's. ( Support )
I have a 2017 Thor motor coach (30.2 model) with 3,500 miles; will this product work for my motorhome and, what is the recommended mileage to get this done? Thanks! ( Claude R Cognian, 07/27/2017 )
Yes this will work for your motorhome and there is no minimum or maximum mileage that we recommend it at. I've had customers with as low as 800 miles and as high as 95K miles install our tuning with no issues. ( Support )
2008 Four Winds 31p. Purchased used a year ago, nice ride no power when it comes to any incline. No flexability for down or up shifting the transmission. What will your system do for me, beside the hype being advertised? ( John Ferdig, 06/08/2017 )


The tuning greatly improves the shifting of the transmission. Not only does the added power help it maintain gears, we also are able to calibrate the transmission shift points to more suit the RV application.

( Support )
i have a 2006 ford f53 i just ordered some parts from you but have a different question. i have purchased the banks sct 7015 and am very dissatisfied with it. i am not noticing any power dif or mpg dif. i have put on over 3000 miles since i install it and nothing seems to have changed. i called banks and they said this system really does not do much for my v10. am i doing something wrong and or can you suggest doing something.
thanks joel
( joel sindelar, 07/17/2016 )


Unfortunately Banks is not too interested in putting much R&D into their Gas RV programming. We use the same device but tune with settings we have found work very well and improve performance, shifting and fuel economy. I would see if you can return the product and switch over to ours which I'm sure you will be very satisfied with.

( Support )

I own a 2014, Forest River, Georgetown XL . It is 37' 11'' long and has a ford V10, 3 valve engine, on an F53 chassis. Its clear the performance improvements in the 2 valve engine are substantial. But what could I expect in my engine? Also, if down the road I were to do mods like headers and Intake, would I have to buy additional software ?

( Ron Melanson, 03/10/2016 )


Performance gains on the 3 valve V10 are just as impressive as on the 2 valve and the transmission tuning alone makes a great deal of difference. We offer free updates so if you ever do install any additional hardware just let us know and we will make you a revision. 

( Support )

I have 1 2014 Thor Windsport 35E motorhome on the F-53 chassis. Will this tuner fix the radical 5-3 shift on hills and hold it in a higher gear longer when in cruise control approaching hills? Quite a few RV owners have gone with the 5 Star Tuner, what benefits are there to using your product?

( Ben, 01/09/2016 )


Yes, the UltraPower Tuning will greatly reduce the downshifting characteristics of the transmission. Engine performance, throttle response and transmission control will be much improved overall. As a rule we do not compare ourselves to our competitors as what we do is geared specifically to RV's only whereas everyone else focuses on automotive but offers RV support.

( Support )

Purchased a 2016 CLASS a F53 chassis with 6.8L V10 6 speed trans. Does Ultra Power have a tuner yet for this unit. If not when is the anticipated projected date?

( john, 11/25/2015 )


As of right now we do not have support for the 2016 models (10th digit of VIN "G"). We are expecting to have support after the first of the year.


( Support )

What kind of fuel and performance upgrades could I expect on my Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31KP if I purchased this unit?

( Steven Richards, 10/15/2015 )


On your V10 you will gain between 45-50 horsepower and 55-60 ft. lb torque. The fuel mileage increase can vary but typically we see an average gain of .5 to 1 MPG increase.

( Support )

i have a 2005 coachmen concord will this unit help with power issues v10 motor f 450 chassis other upgrades you suggest IE muffler

( Robert Applebee, 09/01/2015 )


Yes it will absolutely help with the power on your V10. It is also the most "bang-for-your-buck" upgrade you can do on it. I would definitely start there before doing any other upgrades.

( Support )

National Sea Breeze 2005, on a 2004 F53 Duraframe chassis, F53 V-10. Has Banks Trans Command module and cat back Banks exhaust, stock air intake. Will the Ultra Power V10 Custom Programmer work w/o disabling the Banks unit?

( steve, 08/28/2015 )


Yes we can do it without disconnecting the Banks unit. We would just need to know that information at time of purchase.

( Support )

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