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25178145 - Fuel Pump Module Assembly (Includes Seal & Sender Unit)

On SALE! 25178145  -  Fuel Pump Module Assembly (Includes Seal & Sender Unit)


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25178145  -  Fuel Pump Assembly

Please Note: If the RV is a 2002 and has a fuel tank with flanges on the ends that mount to cross-members and is "dove-tailed", this is the correct fuel pump. If your fuel tank is a rectangular cube, click HERE for the correct fuel pump.


My fuel pump quits pumping after starting the MH..I changed the pump..still doing the same thing..I disconnected the fuel line and it pumps good for about 5 seconds then stops..that's why the engine stops after I start it.. ( Terry, 07/20/2024 )
Not answered yet.
Looking for a fuel pump. I'm on a Ford chasie with a 454 7.4liter I want to be sure I order the correct one I need the complete assembly. ( David, 10/23/2023 )
Hello David, according to the VIN , you have a 7.5 L ( 460 cubic inch)  and we don't carry the fuel pump for that chassis , you will need to contact a Ford dealer for that.  ( Support )
I have a 1996 Itasca Suncruiser with a 85 gal gas tank and a L29 454
will this fit my gas tank and meet the fuel flow specs?

( Gene Storlie, 09/26/2023 )
Hello, the complete drop-in module is not available for that VIN, the replacement pump is  

25163473 - Fuel Pump Kit - VIN J Eng Code L29

( Support )
I purchased this pump 25178145 for my 99 P32. After replacement it runs for about 1.5-2 hours then it won’t have much power. Fuel pressure is steady at 45 psi which I think is too low. Should be 58-62 from what I have researched. I’ve replaced fuel pump, brand new fuel filter, spark plugs and wires. No check engine lights on dash. Do you think it could be fuel pressure regulator? ( Jay Benjamin, 05/22/2023 )
Yes, there is a good chance that your fuel pressure regulator is leaking. Pressure should be at least in the mid-50's. ( Support )
Is this the correct pump for 1999 Itasca Sunrise 26P (Chevy 7.4L)? - Spec sheet says its a 40Gal tank. ( Chris, 02/09/2022 )
No it is not. The correct pump for your RV is part # 25178125: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/25178125-Module-Assembly-Fuel-Tank-Fuel-Pump-(with-seal)-(includes-sender-unit) ( Support )
Looking for a fuel pump assembly for my 1997 Fleetwood Bounder which has a Chevy 7.4L 454ci Gas MFI VIN J type 29 V8 with a P31932 chassis with an 80-gallon tank. Is this the correct unit? Thanks in advance. ( Derek, 01/12/2022 )

This is the correct fuel pump for your RV: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/25163473-Fuel-Pump-Kit

This does not include the sender as that part is discontinued.

( Support )
Looking for the correct fuel pump for my 2003 W22 ( Benson Davis, 10/05/2021 )
The correct fuel pump for your chassis is 25178125: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/25178125-Module-Assembly-Fuel-Tank-Fuel-Pump-(with-seal)-(includes-sender-unit) ( Support )
The correct fuel pump for your 2005 W24 is W0013952: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/W0013952-Fuel-Pump-Assembly-04 ( Support )
Is fuel pump 25178145 correct? ( Karen Czaplicki, 08/12/2021 )
No, this pump is not correct for your VIN. Your chassis is a 2005 model year, this is the correct pump: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/W0013952-Fuel-Pump-Assembly-04 ( Support )
I need a fuel pump for my 02 Damon Intruder W22 chassis with 8.1. 75 gallon tank which is the correct one? ( Charlie Gann, 05/11/2021 )
The correct fuel pump for your VIN is 25178125: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/25178125-Module-Assembly-Fuel-Tank-Fuel-Pump-(with-seal)-(includes-sender-unit) ( Support )

Hi Penni,

    Based on the VIN, the fuel filter is W0013351 http://www.workhorseparts.com/W0013351-Standard-In-Out-Fuel-Filter and the fuel pump part# would be 25178145 https://www.workhorseparts.com/25178145-Fuel-Pump-Assembly there is no filter in the tank for that VIN they only used to use a "Sock" on the fuel pump that is no longer used. I do not have the dimensions of the is pump available to me. However I can tell you it is listed as the correct one for your VIN.  Hope that helps!

( Support )
Need a fuel pump fast for 2001 MH Workhorse with 75 gal tank. Looks like number was 25178125 now 25178145. ( roger Wiekamp, 09/30/2020 )
25178145 is the correct fuel pump for your VIN. ( Support )
Looking for a fuel pump for a 2000 P32 workhorse 7.4 engine ( Nova Crawford, 09/24/2020 )
This is the correct fuel pump (25178145) for your RV. ( Support )
I have a w22 with 75 gal 8.1l vortec. Is this the pump? All the ones i seen are out of stock. If this is not it, do you have 1 in stock that will work with my coach. Thanks ( Todd Beeson, 09/18/2020 )
Your 2004 W22 uses part # W0013952. Unfortunately, this fuel pump is currently out of stock. ( Support )
Trying to determine if this is the right part for a 2002 Workhorse W22 8.1L/496. With 75 gallon tank. ( Nathan Kaemingk, 08/30/2020 )
Does this pump fit my vehicle. It has a 75 gallon tank not an 80 gsallon tank. ( Roger Pinkstaff, 07/27/2020 )
Yes, 25178145 is correct per your VIN. ( Support )
Can you tell me what the resistance range is on this fuel gauge side of this unit? ( Paul, 07/22/2020 )
( Support )
I am trying to figure out if I perhaps need a larger rated pump for a FiTech fuel injection system I recently installed on my RV. The part # of the one I have installed is GM part # 25178145, which I see you offer. Would you have the pressure and lph this pump is designed for? If I were needing a pump requiring 90 psi and 255 lph, what would you recommend?

( Greg Schneider, 07/13/2020 )
The 25178145 is designed for an 80 gallon fuel tank and for ~60 psi pressure. I was unable to find any information regarding what the LPH and maximum pressure limits are of this pump and do not know of a higher performance pump that would match this same style pump. ( Support )
This is the vin for a 2001 Winnebago RV. Is this the correct fuel pump? ( DIANNA L CHRISTIAN, 09/09/2019 )
Yes this is the correct fuel pump. ( Support )
Looking for a correct fuel pump for my workhorse chassis 7.4. And this fuel pump bigger than a standard pump due to the long run to the engine and supply correct PSI. Thanks ( ryan mottinger, 02/15/2019 )
25178145 is the correct fuel pump for your VIN. ( Support )
Correct part # for fuel pump please. 2003 model. Do you have the correct pump? What is a. Fuel pump driver module ? Thank you. ( Michael, 01/02/2019 )
The correct part# for your VIN is 25178125. A fuel pump driver module is only used on the diesel engine applications. ( Support )

1997 dolphin 454 tag axle is the chassis a p30 or p32 or ??? what is the correct fuel pump?

( Bob, 06/29/2015 )


This is the correct part# for your fuel pump: 25163473

( Support )

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