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Freightliner XC Ride Enhancement Kit

Freightliner XC Ride Enhancement Kit


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Are you experiencing a harsher, bumpier ride than you want, or perhaps your coach seems to wander and track poorly through the curves? If this sounds more like your coach than you want, you will love our ride enhancement kit. With exactly the right components for your coach our ride enhancement kit will make you think you have a new coach.  In fact, your rig will handle better than many new coaches.

If you consider your rig to be your home (or home-away-from-home) and you want to maintain and even improve it rather than replace it, think about the benefits of our ride enhancement kit for both comfort and safety.

After completing extensive ride testing of various chassis upgrade products from several manufacturers, Ultra RV Products has assembled the most effective, enhanced ride and handling package available at the lowest possible price. The XC Ride Enhancement Kit is designed to reduce steering effort, eliminate sway and wander, smooth out the ride, reduce fatigue and add safety to your drive.

The Ride Enhancement Kit Consists of:

  • Comfort Ride Control Valves Front & Rear (CRCV12 and CRCV14)
  • SuperSteer Upgraded Steering Bellcrank (SS100)


- Freightliner XC Chassis Air Bags with I-Beam Front Suspension

Will it fit my xc chassis. And do you sell arear swaybar ( Morris Wivell, 11/18/2019 )

Yes all of the components will fit your RV https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Suspension-Packages-Freightliner-XC/Freightliner-XC-Ride-Enhancement-Kit No I'm sorry we don't have a rear sway bar for your coach. 

( Support )
Are all the components fit my chassis 1999 xc.freightlinet and are the koni shocks 60mm front and 46mm rear ( Stan wivell, 11/18/2019 )

Yes all of the components will fit your RV. The measurements you are referencing are for Bilstein shocks. Koni shocks aren't rated by diameter but by application. The Koni shocks in the Ride Enhancement kit are correct for your coach. https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Suspension-Packages-Freightliner-XC/Freightliner-XC-Ride-Enhancement-Kit

No I'm sorry we don't have a rear sway bar for your coach. 

( Support )
I have a '19 Winnebago Forza, when we are on the road at cruising speed (60-64 mph) the ride in the back is rough. There is no way you could go back and lay down on the bed. It's bad. Would your suspension enhancement kit help or would anything help ? Thank you. ( Ed L Deringer, 11/11/2019 )
The best modification you can make to improve the ride quality are Koni shock absorbers. The other components in the kit improve the handling but the shocks are what make the biggest difference in ride quality. I would also weigh the coach as loaded for travel and see if the tire pressures you are running fall under the tire manufacturers recommend pressures for your weight. ( Support )
What is the installation cost for the suspension kit if done at your shop?
( Leon, 07/30/2019 )
Installed price for this kit would be $2,819.00 plus sales tax. ( Support )
I have a 2018 Freightliner XCR RV chassis with Comfort Drive, the wheel base is 206", it is a diesel pusher. The coach ride is quiet and smooth, however any undulations in the road get the front of the coach rocking side to side and if wind is added to the equation it becomes hard to control. Will this system help this without negatively effecting the ride? Thanks
( Scott Alexander, 06/04/2019 )


    As long as you have a three bolt bell crank then this kit will do wonders for your coach's handling. If you don't have the three bolt bell crank, you would just not be able to use that part in the kit. The Koni shocks and the Comfort Control Valves will help tremendously with the side to side sway as well as the front end (up and down overkill) people refer to this as "porpusing" The Safe-T-Plus and Bell Crank will help keep you between the lines, also with return-ability of the steering wheel. All around you will just have a better ride quality as these parts help control all of the movement at the same time giving you a comfortable ride.

( Support )
Will this work on my 2007 Itasca Meridian 34H? Are there instructions for each part? This is all replacement/ bolt-on; no drilling? The CRCV14 Source MFG / UltraTrac 1/4" Comfort Ride Control Valves are ojut of stock. Can you get this part now? If not, when? Thanks Dave ( David Sharp, 04/24/2019 )
Not answered yet.
Will this work on a Freightliner XCS chassis on my 2014 Winnebago Forza Diesel Motorhome? ( Ray McGinnis, 07/25/2018 )
Yes this will work for that application. ( Support )

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