SG2 ScanGaugeII OBD2 Vehicle Monitor

SG2 ScanGaugeII OBD2 Vehicle Monitor


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Part # SG2 ScanGaugeII OBD2 Vehicle Monitor


ScanGaugeII can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems and provide the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing. Features include more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 5 sets of trip data and an easy-to-use ScanTool that shows both set and pending trouble codes — All in an ultra compact design. 

ScanGaugeII installs in just minutes without tools and does not require batteries or an external power source. All data and power are derived from the single OBDII connection which is present on all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks & RV's.

The detachable six (6) foot cord also allows ScanGaugeII to be mounted just about anywhere on the dash or console while staying connected to your vehicle. 

Exclusive Programmable Gauge System
The ScanGaugeII features the exclusive X-GAUGE™ programmable gauge system; you can monitor parameters such as transmission temperatures, trip data and fuel economy information. X-Gauge™ gives you the ability to customize your ScanGaugeII by adding additional vehicle specific digital gauges.

All New Performance Monitor
Performance Monitor™The ScanGaugeII features the all new Performance Monitor™ for real-time performance measurements. The Performance Monitor gives you the ability to track your vehicle's performance over short periods of time, distance, and acceleration.

Learn to Improve Your Gas Mileage
The US government has put out a report that says driving habits can change fuel-economy by up to 33%. ScanGaugeII provides real-time data about your vehicle’s instant and average fuel economy, fuel used, cost of fuel used for each trip, cost per mile, gallons per hour and more!

Troubleshoot Your Vehicle
ScanGaugeII can help you diagnose and troubleshoot problems by providing real-time data about your vehicle’s performance. In addition, ScanGaugeII will display captured trouble codes and conditions when the problem occurred. With the ScanGaugeII you can “pull the codes”, make your own repairs, and turn off warning lamps just like the Pros.

Catch Problems Early
ScanGaugeII provides real-time gauges to show you what is going on “under the hood” so you can catch issues early before they become more expensive problems.

Turn off That Check Engine Light!
The ScanGaugeII can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves. Using the internet or repair manuals, these can be traced to the failed component and repairs can be made.

Read & Clear Pending Trouble Codes
If no codes were found and your Check Engine light is still on, your vehicle may be storing pending codes. The ScanGauge provides a method to force clear any detected or undetected Trouble Codes.

Does allow you to monitor both banks AFR in real time? I have a Workhorse w22 with the 8.1L 496.

So, if i wanted to monitor both banks afr, oil psi, trans temp and water temp, I could do it with one gauge?
( Anthony C Cabler, 01/25/2021 )
The ScanGauge2 comes programmed with a lot of the universal OBD parameters such as water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous and average miles per gallon, load, manifold air pressure, intake air temperature and a few others. You can add vehicle specific parameters, called X-Gauge Commands. Essentially you enter in some coding from the Scangauge website and you can "unlock" ARF, fuel trims, oxygen sensor voltages, transmission temp (only on 5 speed Allison) and a few others. Here is a link to the X-Gauge page that will show you what all can be added: ( Support )

Does this product come with latest firmware and software installed or do we need to go online and update?

I would be using in a Chevy 8.1l in a W22 chassis.

Keith Cronk
( Keith A Cronk, 10/01/2019 )
These come with the latest updates, no need to hook up to your computer. ( Support )
Will your device have the capabilities to view the SOC PID on Hybrid vehicles as it is required for emissions testing conversion data? ( David Gardner, 03/07/2019 )
By SOC PID, I assume you are referring to State of Charge? If so, that is a programmable X-Gauge PID that can be added. For more info visit this link: ( Support )
Can you tell me what information will be available on a 2012 Ford F53 chassis? I own a 2012 Newmar Bay Star 3302 that is on the F53 chassis with the V-10 engine. The onboard computer does not have any information re fuel mileage. Would the OBD2 codes include fuel mileage? Thanks for any assistance you can provide. ( Stephen C Brasure, 09/06/2018 )
If you go to ScanGauge's website and download their user's manual it will show what gauges are standard and their abbreviations, starting on page 24. You can also add custom "X-Gauge" parameters specific to your vehicle. Here is a link to download the users manual:

Here is a link to the X-Gauges that support your vehicle: ( Support )
Does this device provide info from my Allison 1000 transmission ? ( Steve, 11/14/2017 )
Not answered yet.
What version is this? ( Jim Starck, 01/22/2017 )


The ScanGaugeII's that we sell are the newest released version. 

( Support )
I looking at your Scan Guage 11 can it be used in a 2005 Winnebago Adveture with the W22 Workhorse
8.1 GM engine
( Ricky Griffin , 10/30/2016 )


Yes we have many, many customers using ScanGaugeII's in their Workhorse RV's. The ScanGaugeII can be used in any vehicle 1996 and newer with a OBD2 port.

( Support )
Are these units weather proof? ( Marc, 10/08/2016 )
No, these should only be used on the interior of a vehicle. ( Support )

How accurate is mpg? I have just purchased a 2015 Ford F-350 Chasis 2016 Thor Vegas motor home and like to have information on performance of the engine which is a Ford V-10 3 V motor. I would like the programmer but can't afford at this time in life. I can hopefully monitor parameters and watch my right foot pressure!! And the effect on numbers. Thank you in advance. I will order the gauge if you think valuable for me to have in my vehicle.

( Hanford Brace, 06/20/2015 )


I have had numerous customers tell me how happy they were with their ScanGaugeII and that they "wouldn't drive without it!"

It does make you more cautious of how you apply throttle which will save you some MPG but it also gives you very accurate data like coolant temperature, battery voltage, intake air temperature etc.

( Support )

Do you know of a template or insert or kit to mount the ScanGaugeII into the dash? Or where there is a kit that would allow me to fabricate that? Scott Barielle

( Scott Barielle, 04/25/2015 )


There are no template or kits available for dash mount that we know of. ScanGauge does sell a suction cup window mount but that's about all we could find, everything else is custom made by individuals for personal use.

( Support )

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